Right Out of an Alias Episode…

…or so it seems.  It’s all over the headlines.  Ex-spy  Alexander Litvinenko died November 23d while he was in London.  It is being said that he was murdered by a couple leathal doses of polonium-210. It just sounds so surreal.  Totally not reality but something straight out of a spy series from Tv.

I’m going to be keeping track on how this turns out. 

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2 Responses to “Right Out of an Alias Episode…”

  1. It is now a foregone conclusion that he died of some kind of arsenic poisioning, the question is who did it?! and why did they do it?!That is where the conundrum comes into play.

  2. Arsenic? They’re still saying it’s polonium over here. The Russian spy who did it has left a really obvious trail of radiation too … I’m so glad I don’t live in London. 😀 It’s quite hilarious how obvious the whole thing is. ‘Cept for the guy who died …

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