Abdoun Bridge

So I got to see the bridge up close and personal.  I must say I’m very very disappointed.  Like extremely so.  It seems that it had its grand opening yesterday.  The first of it’s kind in Jordan.  But its TINY. Yup you heard that right.  While they were building it I thought it would turn out to be huge.  Well I shouldn’t have given those Jordanians that much credit.  The bridge is only two lanes wide each way.  How freaking unbelievable!

And the traffic on it is horrendous.  It’s actually very pathetic. Well I should have expected it.  But if I had no previous expectations and if I didn’t pass by it every Friday while they were building it I would have been a little impressed I guess. But it is definitely over rated and if you never see it you won’t be missing anything.

I first found out that it opened through Roba‘s and Qwaider’s (his link isn’t working) blogs.


3 Responses to “Abdoun Bridge”


    All of that and it’s only 4 lanes total? Geeze… I’d hate to be suspended in midair for hours during traffic. I kind of wonder what would happen if people got in an accident on it. Does it have any barriers? Can a car plunge off it on to the highway below? Am I being a little excited and gruesome? Lol, but seriously, it looks too high to be safe. Meh, I suppose I’ll see it in the summer when the litter will make it blend it with the rest of Amman 😛

  2. you guys know wat its best for u 2 shut up.. i dunno where the hell r u from but the bridge is amazin and its a wonder of amman and if u dut like it keep ure comments 2 ure self plz coz either u talk good or u simply SHUT UP and dunt talk shit about AMMMAN coz JORDAN FIRST and it will always be….oh i forgot that a car doesn plunge off it MR FINALLY!

  3. Hey people you forgot that Amman is TINY city not big like other country and if you don’t like it dont show your stupid face there and if you think its not safe dont go on it ok and in jordan no money like other country so just say thank GOD we did something nice in Jordan or maybe you not jordanian thats why you talking like this

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