It’s out in theaters near you

Yes it is! I’m so happy to announce that Eragon is already out in theaters in Jordan! I can’t believe it.  It comes out today in the US and its already out here…it’s about time Jordan got rollin’ with the times (too bad it’s doing it with the most unimportant things).

Can’t wait to go see it!


4 Responses to “It’s out in theaters near you”

  1. i love movie with sordz and dragonz:-)

  2. I saw it, and I wasn’t too happy with it
    The movie feels like Star Wars (A new hope) in Lord of the rings cloths.
    I hope you would have a better experience than I did…
    (oh … and welcome to Qwaider planet)

  3. is it true that the person who wrote the story is 7 years old only?

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