More Messed Up-ness

Apperantly there is an unbacked up ‘ruling’ that says we aren’t allowed to pray in the dark!  From where do those idiots come up with this garbage?


4 Responses to “More Messed Up-ness”

  1. Meh.

    Let’s make our own school of thought and come up with some ‘rulings.’ Like not being allowed to change your cell phone more than once a month (might be just me cause of the rich brats here). Any taxi driver who honks at a girl has to run around in circles while singing a show tune. Any guy with pants tighter than 2 cm away from his legs has to wear a polkad dot bandana and pink lip gloss. ANYONE WHO MAKES UP RELIGIOUS RULINGS BASED ON PURE BULLSH*T AND THE NEED TO FEEL SUPERIOR OR “GUIDE” MORE INTELLECTUALLY CAPABLE PEOPLE CAN KISS A RHINO’S HORN. Good luck to them on catching one to kiss too. Ha.

  2. i love you ewan! lol very very good ideas…maybe once i take over the world we can apply them…hmm

  3. OMG! Honestly…

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