Two Shockers…

…now this should become a category on its own. *goes off to create a ‘shocker’ category*


Alrighty, so as the title shows I had two shockers today.  The first was from right after my first lecture of the day and the second was from my last lecture of the day. Man the longer I live here the more shocked I get.  And I was finally thinking that I was getting over my culture shock…guess not.

Of course I can’t go into too much details on the first shocker because the Mukhabarat might come after me.  Amino and I met up with a couple friends in the usual hang out spot during our one hour break today at ten in the morning.  We were hanging out in the sun trying to get some warmth out of it (big joke I know) when three girls came passing buy.  The whole day a ton of screeching sounding music was being played all over the university.  It seems that they had gotten one million (yes one million) people to sign something that showed their loyalty to the king.

Now the girls were carrying around huge pictures of the king and of Jordan. I know it’s normal here abouts but I still have yet to get used to this being a monarchical society and that is proving to be most difficult.  Since, I have explained the situation I will not delve deeper and tell you my reaction.  I’ll leave that to your imagination and keep myself safe.

 The second shocker as I said was made during my last lecture of the day; Advanced (ha!) Writing.  The professor was discussing abortion with the students and asked the following question:

If you (or your wife) were pregnant and the doctor told you that the baby you were having was going to be handicapped (and s/he was 100% sure) would you have an abortion?

It was so shocking to me how many voices I heard in the room say ‘Yes’.  Because to me there is no such thing as 100% positivity.  To you, you might agree with those students but to me I believe if you had the guts to do it and end up pregnant because you weren’t careful then you have to take the consequences full blast and own up to the responsibility.  Don’t go off having an abortion just because some idiot of a doctor said that the child was going to be handicapped. Plus who said that the child wouldn’t be able to be productive in it’s life or do something great?

And that is what one girl’s excuse was (another sub-shocker). She said that the child would do nothing productive to this society so it would be better to abort. 

AHHHH what is wrong with these people?!

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7 Responses to “Two Shockers…”

  1. whats with the shocks LOL

  2. Kloude, what you said is true. However, think from the kid’s perspective. S/he’ll be living a life where s/he will feel s/he’s inferior to everyone else. S/he will also face problems couping with his/her counterparts. This ethical issue is widely debated and there isn’t a clear yes or no answer to it.

  3. yeah but my point is you just can’t ever be positive that a baby is going to actually be born handicapped. what if you find out after you had the abortion that the baby was completely and utterly healthy? it would tear at you forever.

  4. and plus there is nothing wrong with people who are handicapped, and it helps make the world have a little bit of kindness.. You guys should watch… well i cant remember the name now but when i do i’ll let you know.. being handicapped is a test for people just like ignorance.. Actually why cant we go kill the baby cause we think it might turn out to be a leader who will go killing others and ruin people’s lives. its the same thing!

  5. The best part is that really, there is no debate if you’re an abiding Muslim. The only reason to abort is if the mother’s life is in danger. Other than that you deal with what you get cause that is what is intended.

    Though, hell, if I was a handicapped kid with parents who resented me I’d wish I was aborted.

  6. well then those parents should have never existed. They don’t appreciate what they get. If I was a kid and resented by my parents I would so get the hell outta there asap. They don’t care for me they don’t deserve me around. period.

  7. people are stranger

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