Well well well. I checked my blog stats today and found a nice long list of ‘Incoming Links’ and the one to top them off was ‘Growing Blogs’. I clicked on the link wondering who on Jordan Planet had written a post about the new bloggers on the group and whatnot but it wasn’t JP.  What comes up but the top 100 ‘WordPress.com Blogs of the Day; December 15th 2006’.

I was utterly shocked and pleased at the same time. I scrolled down and while i did that skimming through the list I began thinking maybe there was a mistake.  But there I was #97 and it was no mistake at all.  I am so happy about it.

Just wanted to thank everyone out there for checking out my blog and helping me make it this far!  I had this goal of 12000 views for the ending of the year and I already have way more than that!

Thanks all…


5 Responses to “#97”

  1. I was on the top 20 for a while 😛

    *Buhahahahahhahaa* ruining your happiness. How dare you block the holy bucket!

  2. that’s so cool.. but seriously maybe you should try not to be so shocked about stuff! heehee

  3. Wow, you are a celebrity. Little did anyone know that spouting your opinion and other nonsense would become so popular in this decade. Maybe I should give it a try. God knows my kids and husband are not so interested in my opinion, perhaps complete strangers would be! Ha ha.

  4. Yaaaaaaay! Congrats babe! Keep those blogs coming! 😀

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