Last JP Meeting of ’06

Seems as though not many people are interested in posting their pictures of our last JordanPlanet meeting for 2006! I was expecting to be flooded with new posts and pictures of it.  Not one yet that I know of.

Oh well, I guess I’ll be one of the first but sadly I didn’t take my camera with me so no pictures here. 

The meeting was amazing.  I really really enjoyed myself.  We had a quiz night where each table was a team.  We filled six out of eight tables with 56 bloggers (and one anti-blogger…he’s lucky to still be alive by the way). 

Of course my table comprised of the the wackiest and loudest of the bunch.  People even complained about how loud we got.  We boo-ed when the other teams got their questions right and we hooted when we got ours right.  Oddly the other teams quietly boo-ed our successes but never really had the gut to do it outright and outloud. 

Their loss I guess.

It would have been so much less fun if we were quiet and polite.  Honestly. Though half the time we couldn’t hear what the questions or answers were we sure did enjoy ourselves.  Even if it meant it had to be done at the expense of the ‘fun’ of everyone else.  I just can’t accept that kind of ‘fun’ where you sit at your table all nice and quiet.  Hell no!

And neither were my teammates able to accept that.

Though our team didn’t win (though others cheated…you know who you are!) we still had a blast.  Loosing wasn’t going to dampen our super high spirits!

I did really resent however that people were not very respectful with the rules.  When the hostess asks you by name to PLEASE stop smoking it means STOP SMOKING.  Seriously.  And it came from non other than an Arab living in the States.  I honestly expected better. And they wonder why Arabs are so in the dark ages at the moment.

Other than that I am really happy I didn’t miss this meeting!


Aha! Finally a few blogs with posts with some pictures of the meeting…

House of BETQA



6 Responses to “Last JP Meeting of ’06”

  1. hahaha, I Loved the meeting haha it was fun

  2. I wish I could’ve been there..*sigh*

  3. I have to admit, you’re the most interesting character I met there. And I’m glad to have met you.
    Yeah, I smoked too, Now, the hostess also said “be quite” … 🙂 did you stay quite?
    Ok, so the only reason everyone was still smoking was because there were ash trays on the tables (indicating, smoking is allowed). And for god’s sake we’ll be back to absolutely no smoking or jail/fine in a week so allow us to enjoy our “backwardness” 🙂

  4. I agreee sitting quiet is not fun …… anyway hope you would make it to the next meetings !


  5. well at least being loud doesnt kill people and one’s self like smoking! plus if people really wanted to smoke what happened to stepping outside the room??

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