Spell It Out…

I’ve always known that university students here need everything spoonfed to them.  Like they’d have a fit if any of the questions on the mid or final were not directly discussed in class.  A perfect example would be my Novel midterm for this semester.   The question was a simple quote straight from the novel.  However, the professor hadn’t in anyway alluded to this particular quote in any of our lectures so the student’s had a major fit.  Sad I know. 

But I never imagined that the spoonfeeding extended to the point where the student’s needed everything spelled out for them as well!  A great example can also be taken from my Novel class, the lecture this time.  We were discussing, today, the novel Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.  The professor came in and wrote on the board: 

*Huck and Jim as outcasts: they break from society

*Jockson’s Island as a paradise: safe haven, abundant food, looming danger

*The raft and its significance

Now the professor’s writing is extrememly clear. It is large and not too curly or scratchy or whatever writing that can be concidered illigable.  Yet the student’s just couldn’t seem to figure out what the word ‘haven’ was.  They were like ‘Whats ‘haren’?’

Seriously, these are supposedly going to graduate with English Literature degrees and teach the next generation English.  Are we sure we want that?


3 Responses to “Spell It Out…”

  1. Yeah, many “require” spoon feeding. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy looking at them from your rear view mirror as you sky rocket ahead of them

  2. remember that teacher that used to write english from right to left! guess where she graduated from????? A uni in JO.

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