Snow and Disaster

I come back on for just a few minutes to check out whats going on and I wish I didn’t. 

I’ll start with the good news first.  It snowed!  I am so happy about that.  I’m in utter shock.  Of course it didn’t snow too much just an inch or so but what a change it made in the whole country!  The air is crisp and clean finally. 

It rained pretty heavily on the 26th and then on the 27th it snowed and yesterday it snowed a tiny bit.  Right now its pretty freezing though the sun is shining but the clouds are still dark and everywhere.

I wanted to take a few pictures of the snow with my camera but it turned out that the batteries needed recharging so I just filched this one off Moey.  He doesn’t mind.

Some more good news.  The break has finally started. Eight whole days off of school! Finally something to be happy about.  I started it out by sleeping in til noon something I haven’t done in ages now. But that’s where the good news ends.

Eid is tomorrow.  That is one thing I’m not looking forward to for many reasons I will not delve into here.  I’m still pretty sick.  I just don’t understand why it won’t go away.  I’ve been sick for at least a week to ten days now! Ah oh well.

The major disaster though is that I just found out that Jordan Planetis shutting down! NO! not when I finally joined them and stuff.  It’s sad though I can understand why they are doing it.  I’m going to miss JP a lot. 


5 Responses to “Snow and Disaster”

  1. “He doesn’t mind”

    I LOVE self confidence 🙂

    mmm, Eid Mubarak o kol saneh o enti salmeh! 🙂

  2. Yea, I’m pretty sad as well … But hey .. that’s a good shot … and rejoice, you have 8 full days of vacation time 🙂
    Happy new year and happy eid al Adha

  3. eight days? i wish. Yeah its true i get eight days off from school but i have to go back to work on wednesday. Yeah they are supposed to have just as many days off as the government (since that is their policy) but they just can’t let us get paid and not work for a whole week. whatever.

  4. kloude kloude kloude… OK

  5. tit for tat moey tit for tat *winks*…lol

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