The Year Ends with a Twang

A very cute little girl wearing a tiny little hijab. Crappy pic I know but I just couldn't help myself.Or so it seems.  Eid is today and boy what a day.  Lets start with yesterday night.  Saddam Hussien got executed.  That was somewhat of a surprise.  I haven’t been following the story at all so I found it surprising for them to have gotten over the trial so quickly.  I’m not against his death.  He left so much destruction behind him.  The thing that bothers me the most though is how the people reacted to it.

Now if we rewind to the past.  Saddam was exalted.  He was the saviour.  He was the hero.  And now he is the devil incarnate.  It’s very scary how people change their minds so quickly and are so passionate about this change.  Brainwashing? I leave that up to you to decide.

Ok let’s forward back to today.  I woke up like ten minutes before the prayer.  Of course I thought we were supposed to leave the house at seven in the morning but it turns out that we have to be at the mosque at that time.  So it was an issue of hurrying out the door.  It’s my fault I didn’t go to sleep until late yesterday night.

It was so cold.  The ground was covered with a thin layer of slippery ice.  Very dangerous.  Many people opted to stay at home this Eid since it was so cold and whatnot.   

So we go to the King Hussien Mosque (yup the new one that everyone is raving about…by the way it’s not that hot) and instantly I feel as though I’m en-caged.  I’ve never felt this way towards a mosque until I came to Jordan.  I sat there and suddenly the realization hit me and horror set in.  Women are so beyond walked all over here.  Yes, Islam says to exalt them.  It says to give them their rights (education, work, property, choice, etc) which are the same as those of the men.  Islam demands equity between men and women. 

But I fail to see any of that here.  Not a drop. There is no respect for women.  The people treat them like crap here as if they were just another piece of furniture.  And what makes me fume more is that the women here take it without a peep.  What happened to men and women praying in the same room? Now the women are stuck in a cramped claustrophobic inducing room in the corner (or even basement) of the mosque.  There is no air or any form of circulation. It feels more like a prison than anything else.  And the men’s sections are so huge and grand and is rarely ever even half full while in the women’s section we are literally sitting on top of each other for want of space.

I don’t get why women don’t stand up and demand their rights be given them! Their rights are there for the taking.  What is it that is making them so meek and obedient?  What is it that makes them not even think of this?  They just grumble quietly between each other but don’t take any decisive action.  I am being 100% serious here. I am so ready to go and pull my hair out and go mad. I just can’t comprehend the level of brainwashed-ness these women have been put through.

How can women be content to be the doormats?

All these thoughts crossed my mind while sitting there.  I wanted to get up and shout at the women. It breaks my heart that their religion gives them so much and yet they are content with none of it. 

I was really happy to leave the place.  I’m not claustrophobic or anything but I just had a really bad feeling in that building.  We step outside (it’s really pretty on the outside) and decided to take some family photos but almost instantly some security guards come and tell us we can’t hang around the place. 

What the hell? Since when did that happen?  I thought mosques were places for the public. I guess I’m wrong.

Well it’s only one in the afternoon so Eid isn’t over yet but that is the major occurences that have happened in the past few hours.  I might add more tonight and then again I might not.  It all depends on if I get some more shockers or not.

God I seriously need to get out of here before my (in)sanity all evaporates.  This is all driving me nuts (and not the good kind either).


7 Responses to “The Year Ends with a Twang”

  1. Hmmm, what a rollercoster article!! 🙂
    Happy eid. I bet that security guard had absolutely no right, and only needed someone to challenge him …
    Anyway … Eid Mubarak

  2. “God I seriously need to get out of here before my (in)sanity all evaporates. This is all driving me nuts (and not the good kind either).”

    Very soon…Happy Eid 🙂

  3. UPDATE: the rest of the day was pretty awesome! We were invited out with my mom’s best friend’s family to watch a movie and then had hardee’s for a late night dinner. Left the house at three and didn’t get back home unitl half past midnight. It almost feels like a real eid finally and by far one of the best if not the best eid i’ve had in the past three and half years! I sure needed a day like this to cheer me up.

  4. glad to hear your day ended well. 🙂 *hugs* happy eid and love and hugs to the family.

  5. I think the story you supplied us with here is a perfect example of how women’s role in Islam is something heavily influenced by culture. I argue with people all the time that Islam isn’t a religion that smooshes women into the ground, but instead that culture influences the translations of religion in many people and that they will end up obsessing over one element of their religion while ignoring another completely. In Jordan I saw of really confused women who were torn between what they saw on TV, what was practiced in their households, and what their understandings (or lack thereof) of their religion was. It’s a pity they can’t find the liberating elements of Islam and stand up for themselves.

  6. Alhamdulillah, glad you enjoyed your Eid. It was fun and wacky. But that is usually what you get with us, you know. Alhamdulillah. Eid Mubarak. K Noor

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