Good Bye

Good bye 2006. Hello 2007!

I seriously can’t believe we are already seven years past the enormous fuss of 2000.  Man time does pass swiftly. (Hopefully the next five months and then two years pass by as quickly as the past 18 years have).  I’m not sure what this post is supposed to discuss exactly but I’m just so excited that it’s 2007 already that I just had to write something.

For some reason I don’t remember anyone celebrating the past new years over here, but the moment it turned 12 tonight all we heard were fireworks.  Of course I was too busy to bother looking out the window and enjoy the show (I got more important things to do) it was nice to hear that that the year was not changing unnoticed.

Hope this year is just as eventful as last year (feels weird talking of 2006 as ‘last year’…it was only yesterday!) though not as sad and stressful.

 Some blog stats for 2006:

Total views: 13,030 exactly

Total posts: 197 (not including this one)

Total comments: 550

Total spam comments: 1,340 (all deleted of course)

Total Categories: 13

 Most Viewed Post: Last JP Meeting of ’06

Favorite 3 Posts: 1.  Stupid Weather, Jordan 1st, and Related Crap

                        2. Eptome of the Male Gender 1 and 2

                        3. How to Know You’re in Jordan

3 Most Commented: 1. Things to Do In An Elevator

                             2. And the Saga Continues

                             3. Shakespeare and the Horror of Arab Readers

Top Blog of the Day: 15th and 25th of December


6 Responses to “Good Bye”

  1. yaaaaaaaaay 😛

  2. Ahhhh! Fireworks drive me nuts. :S

    I wish you an excellent new year, and hope you get what you want out of 2007. May the year be a good one! 🙂

  3. Congrats …. That is awesome… And happy new year

  4. Congrats ya habla…

    Shock me more…*music*

  5. Life runs by when we look at it from the outsied and yet crawls when its happening!

  6. […] two of the things that this blog has done for me. Exactly a year ago I made a post showing some blog stats. This time around I’ll be doing the same but I’ll also compare this year to last […]

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