I’m Going to Die Young

The room was small and snug.  The lights were dimmed and the environment was perfect for a restaurant.  The room was spotless.  A long line of tables ran parallel in the middle with the room’s two long walls.  There was a reservation card on it.  The waiter took it away as we, all seventeen of us, sat down at the tables.  Behind me sat a group of people already eating in the corner and in front of me was another group, waiting for their friends so that they may begin eating.

It took both of our families a minute until everyone settled down and the menus were soon given to us.  We ordered and enjoyed ourselves and the children were oddly behaving.  Yet there was one thing that annoyed us.  The room stank.  And since we were sitting in the middle we were assailed with the clouds of stink both tables were breathing on us.  The smoke at one point became unbearable.  Everyone was smoking.  That is everyone but the kids and our tables.

It came to the point where I had to take my napkin and cover my face after we finished with the appetizers and while waiting for the main courses to come.

It was becoming unbearable.  My sister sitting across from me grimaced and told me that two of the guys sitting on the table behind me had just finished their cigarettes and were now puffing on their cigars. So their appetizers were the cigarettes and now their main course was the cigars.

I could literally feel the years slipping away from me.  The meter that held my life’s numbers slowly knocked off some digits.  The numbers on my age dial got ticked off and disappeared.  Death became ever so closer.  It loomed on the horizon as i breathed in the vapors.  I had no choice but to keep on breathing it in.  The napkin helped little.  I was no longer hungry.

Seriously, it would have been an awesome meal if the people respected those around them.  But oh no! that is near impossible to be considerate! 


11 Responses to “I’m Going to Die Young”

  1. “Amino, I’m not dying anytimne soon, so deal with it”



  3. I sympathise with you. The UK was like that until very recently, and in March there’ll be a total ban on smoking in enclosed public places. Won’t stop the morons standing outside and blowing smoke in through the doors, but it’s better than nothing.

    I’m amazed you managed to sit through the entire meal!

  4. the good thing is the people smoking the cigars left right after finishing them so i just had to suffer during the first half of the time I was there…when they were smoking the cigarettes the room was big enough for us not to be affected by it much.

    But since the laws are so lax people don’t tend to think of being respectful to those that don’t do certain things (like smoking). But you do find decent places around like I went to Applebee’s yesterday and they had a smoking section and a nonsmoking section and you could choose. too bad thats not available everywhere here.

  5. tell me about it! these stinkin Arabs. Literally too..

  6. the problem is that even when they leave, your still stuck with the smell in your clothes. It is repulsive and a filthy habit. But how can we expect them to respect others when they dont even respect themselves or their own families!!!

  7. im sooooo scared it makes me cry i dont want 2 smell

  8. im dying *choke*

  9. To be honest i’ve never really told anybody this before but i see dead people there in my bed there every where and they always watch me even in the shower what can i do ?

  10. I think that i jst wet my self…

  11. Yes i did indeed wet my self

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