I wish they’d at least notify me…

Lately I’ve been checking out the incoming links.  I don’t know why but I suddenly wanted to know who was checking out my blog.  Many of the incoming links are ones I find in my stats on a daily basis and I wanted to get to know my steady readers more. 

 I was very surprised though to find that I’m seeing more and more sites add me to their feed (those sites are similar to Jordan Planet).  I am thrilled that people actually think that what I write here is actually worth reading but I was saddened to see that not one of them had asked permission or at least notified me. 

I would most probably consent anyways but I just thought it would be more respectful if I had been notified about them first.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really appreciate being added to those aggregators but still.

What’s your opinion concerning this? Should bloggers be notified when their blog is added to someone’s feed (I’m not talking about the links in the ‘Blogs I Read’ section) or should people be free to add your feed to their sites without any notification?


13 Responses to “I wish they’d at least notify me…”

  1. most blogs are public for all to see online…if you wanted to be asked first, you should make it hard for others to add your blog to their feed, I do not know how but there has to be a way. if you did not want to be added by others, you should have a private blog that has a limited access to certain people only.
    i think it is a privilege to find out that your blog has been added to any site or feed.

  2. One more thing, I think it is a good practice if the one who adds your blog to their feed to send you an email or post a comment on your blog to let you know that it has been added.

  3. yeah thats what i mainly meant at least being told about it…lol

  4. Naah.. it’s nicer to be suprised.. it is nicer to also google your blog and see who talks about you and where! 😛

  5. Salam,

    The day jordanplanet.net was put to sleep, I wanted to take upon myself to creat another one in the spirit of keeping the group of Jordan blogs alive.
    So I created jordanblogs.net and it took me a,ong time to add the links to the site and then go to each blog and look for their email and I actually created an email list and sent an email telling them about the new Jordanblogs, but there are some that I couldnt locate thier email, and that might be the case.
    If you want out of the list I would take yours off the list, otherwise you are already added 🙂



  6. I totally agree with you. I get irritated sometimes… I’d appreciate a notification at least

  7. Yeah, Being notified is probably the best way to go … that’s why I notified you 🙂
    Anyway, yes, you are a worthy read and a very nice person as well …
    All the best

  8. I agree it’s nice to be notified. But clearly it’s flattering that so many people want to share you with others, no?

  9. thanks khaled…i think thats a great idea. hope it does well *goes off to check it out*

    and mammabean: i agree with you completely

    khaled and qwaider: i guess i got your emails in my junkbox (where lots of stuff tend to get lost in) and deleted them without realizing it. oh well

  10. There are no problems, I as I said, love reading your stuff, they’re really very stimulating and present a very interesting way of reading things.
    Khaled my good friend has invested tons of resources into keeping the spirit of Jordanplanet alive through JordanBlogs. I think his work is fantastic and commendable.
    Just keep the good posts comming 🙂

  11. Dragon,
    your blog is on the Internet for all to see/read. no offence, but I do not see why it is disrespectful for those who added you to be making it easier on themselves to access your blog faster.

    anywas, it is a great blog and by having a wider audiance you wouold be able to improve on it.


  12. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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