Hmm *gives it a try*

I was tagged!…and since I never go with them I decided I might as well do this one.  Just because.

Thanks lswriter 😛

Four Jobs That I’ve had
1. Tutor
2. Receptionist
3. Sale’s Rep.
4. Teacher

Four Favorite Foods
1. Pizza
2. Chocolate
3. Felafel and Hummos
4. Jugular veins (*wink*)

Four Movies I can Watch Over and Over
1. The Lord of The Rings
2. Pirates Of The Caribbean 1 & 2
3. Underworld 1 & 2
4.  Mirrormask

Four Favourite TV shows
1. Alias
2. Gilmore Girls
3. ummm *shrugs*
4. ummm…I’m not much of a t.v. person.

Four Places I’ve travelled/ lived in
1. Turkey
2. Malaysia
3. Jordan
4. States (mainly California)

Four Websites I go to daily
1. My blog
2. Amino‘s, Moey‘s, and some other blogs
3. Jordan Planet/ Jordan Blogs
4. My flickr account

Four people I’m now *Ahem* tagging
1. Moey
2. Omar
3. Amino
4. Mazz 


8 Responses to “Hmm *gives it a try*”

  1. Wow, someone actually did it! Glad to see chocolate on your list too, although I’m shocked that pizza came above it. 😀

  2. Do you want Felix Thunder to reply or Amino! I hate tags.. oh that was amino… i can spread evil in the world… well felix!

    Cha cha

  3. -_-..

    I hate tags, I have to answer this maybe tomorrow

  4. thats the point…i know you guys hate tags and thats why I decided to tag you guys especially!

  5. lswriter…it didn’t come up as second…i didn’t put them in any specific order. lol

  6. Phew. I’m relieved. 😀

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