Work Arama ::Unisex Names::

I’m finding it really difficult lately to figure out whether certain names here are female or male.  With all the phone calls I need to make, I often mistake people for who they aren’t based on the names written in English on my paper.

So far the names that really confuse me are:





There were more but I just can’t recall them at the moment.  It seems as though unisex names are becoming more and more popular.  Bring ’em on I say!


4 Responses to “Work Arama ::Unisex Names::”

  1. They confuse me as well in Arabic
    Ala’a could be علاء Or آلاء
    Hanna could be حنه or حنّا
    Noor is the most confusing, same goes for Salam
    Reda could be رضا or ريدا although رضا should be written Ridha
    Totally agree, very confusing

  2. Ala’a could be used for both, Hanna in english is: John, Noor could be used for both, Reda is for men, radeyyeh is the female version

  3. very interesting! why dont they write the Arabic one next to it and make it easier for everyone!

  4. Hanna and Noor are female names, in Dutch at least.

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