Random ::Kloudy::

Now this is what I call my weather!  It’s simply beautiful today.  It was so cloudy and dark and it rained like nuts.  And it hailed for a bit too.  I couldn’t help but walk in the rain today and get hailed on a bit.  I was very close to dancing in it.

And right when I got dropped off home today the sky was silver with lightning. Now it’s thundering and lightning.  Absolutely amazing.

It was definitely a Kloudy day!


4 Responses to “Random ::Kloudy::”

  1. LOL …. I love this kind of weather too …. You should move to Seattle and enjoy it more 🙂

  2. oh kloudia…btw, have u noticed that we agree on everything?

  3. The lightning bit is scary.

    But I fully agree about the rain! Sometimes when it’s really raining heavily in summer I go outside and stand in it. No dancing, though, because that’s a little odd. 😀

  4. ooooh I want weather like that! *curses the strong, dry wind and clear blue skies*

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