Random ::Exhaustion::

Though I am prone to insomnia, I’ve been so busy lately to the point where the moment I hit the pillow I’m out like a light bulb from the exhaustion.  Now this works fine with me since keeping myself busy ensures that I get a good night’s sleep. 

Yet it is three in the morning right now and though I’m tired to the point of exhaustion I just can’t seem to sleep.  I want to sleep but my body is fully awake and my mind has yet to stop its wheels from cranking.  The odd thing is I haven’t had any caffeine today so I can’t blame it on a can of cola I never drank.  And there is no way the chocolate I ate today at six in the evening could have lasted til now.  I mean how can a small piece of chocolate keep me up until three? Out of the question.  Impossible.

The weather might have minimal impact on my current situation though it’s highly unlikely.  It did take me the better of the two hours I lay in bed to get rid of all the coldness around me.  It’s seriously really cold right now.  It’s 37* outside right now and probably the same inside since all the houses here are made out of concrete blocks which turns the houses into freezers.

Hmm what else could be a cause to this headache and sleeplessness?  Ahh forget it. I can’t even think straight right now.


10 Responses to “Random ::Exhaustion::”

  1. I have problem sleeping too.. I suffer from insomnia! 😀

  2. Hmmmm I can think of something but really can’t say it to you in public 🙂

  3. That unability to sleep happens to me, too, at least once every week. As for the cold, I envy you, because it’s 70 degrees here right now – unnaturally warm. If you’re cold, get a flannel blanket. They’re heavenly!

  4. *hugs* I go through bouts of insomnia too…longest was pretty much the entire month of October…I was starting to get really messed up. I was seeing things again and having a terrific time emotionally. >_

  5. and it cut off the rest of my comment? fine.

  6. try to get some sleep. would say more but it seems to hate my comments. 😦

  7. well thanks to my inability to fall asleep last night I woke up super late today (and ignored my alarm which NEVER happens) and so missed out on my first job, tutoring. Oh well.

    madison this comment thingy takes html i think and therefore when you use the arrows it messes everything up and deletes everythign that comes afterwards.

    Andrew good idea…i have one wrapped around me right now. I have a down comfortor as well but it doesn’t seem to be working properly. lol

    and qwaider i’d rather not find out :p

  8. My sympathies ,i kindof have the same issue, though my problem is that i havent a thing to do, so i end up sitting around waiting for something to happen

  9. i dont know but this weather nocked me out there for a couple of days!!

  10. I know a bunch of people are having trouble sleeping right now. Let’s hope it sorts itself out for everyone. 🙂

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