Work Arama ::Cell Phones vs. Home Phones::

Sometimes its just too funny what I do at work.  I had to call a bunch of people (mainly guys) and tell them about the courses they were going to be taking.

So here are two situations I found myself constantly in.

Situation 1:

I call up a home phone and a lady answers.  I’m guessing this is either the guy I’m trying to get a hold of’s mother, sister or wife:

me: Hi, is Ahmed there?

woman: No, whose speaking (gets all hostile and suspicious)

me:I’m kloude from the….

woman: What do you want from him? (still not convinced and even more hostile)

me: I just wanted to inform him that his classes start on the tenth of this month.  Does he have a cell number I can reach him through?

woman: He’s out.  I’ll let him know.

Then the line goes dead. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep

me: *shrugs*


Situation 2:

I call the cell number given and get straight to the person I’m looking for.

me: Hi Ahmed?

guy:Yeah!? (arabic: marhabtain! keefik? Kul am wa anti bi khair!) *sounding hopeful*

me:I’m from the American Esl Center. I would like to inform you…*rolls eyes*

guy:oh ok… *sighs-hope is lost*


Now I have to say this is just way too lame.  Utterly and beyond lame. 


7 Responses to “Work Arama ::Cell Phones vs. Home Phones::”

  1. haha..most guys these days would do anything to get a girl. Pathetic!

  2. *Sounding hopeful* … hehehehe
    God, guys are so pathetic in Jordan …

  3. LOL ,maybe you should try and ask for Mr. Ahmad el Ahmad as soon as you call and not use the first name only which will immediately sound like a professiional call and not raise his hopes too high,because I agree..el shab el ordoni biyghra2 bi shiber mai!

  4. lol.. welcome to male Jordan!

  5. you mean maleistic (sp?) jordan? lol

  6. hahahahahahahahaha

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