Work Arama ::Quitting::

Yes, you got it right.  I just came back from work.  The job I just got in the end of October.  And yes I quit. 

Why? you might ask.  Well I honestly went into the job never knowing how much work was needed to be put into the four hours a day I work. 

Seriously, receptionists aren’t appreciated enough.  They are the sole reason why companies are still up and running.  I realized that in my few months working at this place.  If the receptionists weren’t so hard working and dedicated this center would never have gotten so far.  Honestly, if the three receptionists up and leave tomorrow the whole center would crash.

Now if I was paid well I would stay because I have learned so much from this job. I’ve learned what it takes to run a successful business.  At the beginning I didn’t like it because I was never exposed to constant work and not a moments breather.  But once I got into the swing of things I began enjoying myself.

But that’s the thing.  I get paid less than the teachers who work less hours than I do and put less effort into what they do.  And I believe this is wrong.  The receptionists do so much and they are so underpaid.  And that is why I am quitting.  I am putting so much and receiving nothing in return.

My last day of work is the 25th of this month.  Two weeks away exactly.   


6 Responses to “Work Arama ::Quitting::”

  1. Receptionists are the sole reason why companies are up and running!!?

    You know I appreciate you and think your smart and all … but … That was not all that accurate of an observation. And with all due respect of course
    Now do you expect to be appreciated in ANY job!!? Keep on dreaming, I’m still looking for a job or a company that really appreciates 🙂 it’s the nature of the beast.
    Same goes for getting paid 🙂

    And seriously, if you think you learned all it takes to run a business by being a receptionist .. Then you can really learn to fly an airplane by being also … yes a receptionist! That’s is an over statement I think …

    Look, bottom line I don’t want to come hard down on you .. I’m sorry. And I hope you will find a better job soon. And I’m positive that you will since you’re smart, motivated and hardworking … So good luck

  2. well the kind of receptionists I was working with. They did everything. and I mean everything. They dealt with the bills, the governmental regulations, the incomings and outgoings of everything, the registration, the organization etc.

    And ok I didn’t LEARN to run a business but I saw what is needed and what it takes to keep a business running.

  3. what i am trying to say is that receptionists (the job at least i had) wasn’t just answering the phone and being all nice to the people that came in. They make sure everything is running smoothly, they deal with everything that goes on in the center and everything goes through them and then on to the bosses and then through them and down to the teachers or the businessmen. At least thats how it is at the place i work

  4. So more of an administrative assistant type of work than actually a receptionist.
    That still doesn’t qualify anyone to run a business. Oops! hold on, there is actually no criteria for what it means to run a good business
    So, you know what. I’ll take that back. You’re as qualified (maybe more than many people I know) to run a business.

  5. I applaude you, Kloude! My mother is the admin assistant at a primary school, and no kidding, it sounds like exactly the same situation. Perhaps receptionists and the like don’t RUN companies, per se, but they put in so much work that if they left, the place would grind to a halt. Managers etc have no idea how to do the basics of the job, they don’t understand how important a good filing system is, they don’t understand how organised you hav eto be to carry out day-to-day tasks, so while they might be making all the big decisions, chances are that without a receptionist, half the stuff wouldn’t get done. And the worst part is that most people don’t realise it.

    So good for you. I doubt you’ll find a job where you are actually appreciated, but it’s good that you’re trying! I hope you succeed.

  6. good for you! AlhamduliAlah.

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