An Example of Idiocracy ::Final Postponed::

The professor for our Islamic Culture class told us to come on Friday (yes Friday, today) to take our final exam at one.  He apparently was told that our class room was going to be available and open for us to take our exam.

I got to the university to meet up with Amino and do some last minute cramming at noon.  A few minutes before the exam time we made our way to the North Gate and the building where our exam was to be held.  The professor shows up a few minutes later.

He told us that no one showed up to open the buildings and every building in the university was closed. Hence our exam was to be postponed till a later date.  How can the university agree to let us take the exam and then forget to send someone to unlock the building for us? This is just far too lame.


10 Responses to “An Example of Idiocracy ::Final Postponed::”

  1. At least you didn’t have to take the exam 🙂 Someone dropped the ball, was it the professor (who didn’t really remember to prepare the ‘logistics’)?
    Maybe he should employ the talent of a smart Admin assistant 😉

  2. How are you going to take your exam at a later date when the university doesn’t have a decent emailing/contacting system or education online website? Good luck with keeping tabs on that one babe. I hope the professor follows through on what he’s doing since obviously he thinks the university (and the lives of students) revolve around his class.

    As for the post below…the one about the calls… LOL. I remember when I worked at AmidEast and had to make the phone calls… oh geeze. Crazy stuff… well, this is your site, but we must compare stories soon 😛

  3. I knew that would happen.. Remeber i was like FRIDAY????????????? LOL honest to God if i used bad words they would all be said to the uni!!!!!!!!!!!111

  4. He he. Lucky you! I love it when something like that happens. Your post reminded me of my uni days, always praying for an earthquake on exam days and a bomb scare on result declaration days. Locked uni doors work just the same 🙂

  5. Kloude, forget qwaider’s comment.. he’s trying to be a smart ass as usual by pissing others off.

  6. Smart-ass? I totally meant it. I said something .. then backed off from it when I found that I’m wrong!! Can you show some support here!!?
    😦 I need a hug 😥

  7. no fighting man…lol. i understand what you mean qwaider and I should have been a bit clearer in stuff I talked about…

  8. And I made a mistake and admitted it and took it back and moey had to rub it in 😦 he’s mean 😦

  9. lol qwaider i thought you were tougher than that. seriously whats happening with guys these days? they’re honest to goodness becoming sissies! (not offence intended just an observation)

  10. e5ras moey! 😉

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