Work Arama ::Irony::

The man’s place is so not (sitting) at home (his place is at work).

Or so you think.  But after quitting I expected I’d love sitting at home for a few days without anything compelling me to go out (unless I wanted to).  Boy was I mistaken.  Not one full day has passed yet and I’m going nuts. I am hoping tomorrow would come as soon as possible because then I’d go to the university.

I really, seriously, need to find a job now.  It’s as if everyone in the house is in ‘Project Bug the Hell Outta Kloude’ mode and they are being rutheless.

I realize, I just am not the type of person who can sit around and be lazy all day (though I would love it in theory).  I need something to do. Something that will assure that I would be out for most of the day and not get home until late.

I guess in my case, the gal’s place isn’t (sitting) at home either.


3 Responses to “Work Arama ::Irony::”

  1. lady, enjoy it for a couple of weeks until you find a job. you’ll probably need the rest for the new job!
    take a chill pill!or get a hobby 😛

  2. couple of weeks?! enjoy? man what are you saying?

  3. lol!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG.. its just cause they missed you! duh!

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