Aziz Maraka Concert

Upon entering The Courtyard in The Howard Johnson Palace, one is instantly struck with the feeling of comfort and homey-ness.  There were white bean bags scattered all over the area in front of the stage.  The sitting areas around the stage were very arabesque-ish. It was very colorful and yet still dim and warm giving the right atmosphere.

People were everywhere and they kept pouring in.  Everyone was cheerful and talking excitedly anticipating the arrival of the band members who were to preform in the concert presented by the French Cultural Center.

The concert was set to begin at 8 but didn’t start until 9 and lasted for an hour.  Aziz Maraka sang six songs including one he had just recently released ‘Bint El Nas’.  Those Arabic lyrics were set into a mixture of Rock, Jazz, and believe it or not Arabian melodies.  This mixture produces the genre Razz created by the band of the same name. 

The music was simple amazing.  The whole hour was spent in tranquility with the music and its strength. 

The recorded tracks are very, very misleading, and might even put off the listener.  However, the live show is so much more impressive. The instrumental variation and usage was amazing. They could use a bit more control and communication but since they are just beginning they have a pretty bright musical future ahead of them.  All in all, it was amazing; the vocals, the combination between the western instrumentals and the eastern ones.

Arabic music is finaly breaking from its bonds.  It is exploring new grounds and developing.  For the longest time, Arabic songs sounded just like the next but now this is all changing.  The Arab youth of today are willing to be adventurous and try new things and they have been doing a good job at it. 


A short video of the concert can be viewed here. (Filched off Moey)


7 Responses to “Aziz Maraka Concert”

  1. I really really REALLY enjoyed it 🙂

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  3. I :heart: Aziz .. ::lighting lighter::

  4. Hey Kloude!
    How are you Evil person?

    hehe, It’s great to see you enjoyed it!

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  6. im sure hes gona suddenly become the gr8st hit.. original.. new.. Boomin!

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