Aziz Maraka and Razz (Concert)

The previous post discussing the concert was me trying to make a stab at writing ‘article’ like. I must say it’s not really my type of writing but I think I am at least able to do it.  Here is my personal thoughts and observations about the concert.


I wasn’t planning on attending this concert.  Moey had posted about it on his blog and I had thought about going but not seriously.  I didn’t decide to go until an hour before I was actually supposed to be there. 


   I was running late.  It was already 7.30 and I was still not at the Courtyard where the concert was to be held.  I arrived by eight and found that it had yet to begin.  I sat with some friends and fellow bloggers and was told that the concert was postponed for another hour.  That it was supposed to start at eight thirty but they moved it to nine.  To my knowledge it was supposed to start at eight.

I sat down right in front of the stage and took in my surroundings.  The Courtyard seemed to be an outdoor tent.  It was odd but quite interesting.  There was no ceiling just the smooth flowing lines of white material.  Underfoot was a rectangle of fake grass. On one end was the stage and the rest of the grass was covered with white bean bags, couches, and low tables.  All this gave out a very cozy feel.

The first thing I noticed was that it was pretty stuffy.  There was no circulation and if someone near you was smoking you were in deep trouble if you can’t handle the smoke.  People were everywhere.  Calling out to one another whenever they see a familiar face.  I thought a few times to just get up and go back home.  I was disappointed that they had to do things the Arab way by postponing things. And the smoke was beginning to bother me.

However, a few minutes later people started to settle down and order their food so the smokers moved away from where I sat.  I sat and talked with some friends and bloggers and waited.

Right before nine o’clock struck the band members arrived silently and began to tune their instruments and get ready.  They were so quiet about it I think I didn’t realize they were there until a few minutes after. 

The moment the music started I lost all the uneasiness I had been feeling.  The hour passed very nicely. The band, Razz, did a really good job.  As many people already know I can’t stand Arabic music but this was something new.  To me Arabic music all sounds the same.  But as I said in the previous article Razz has broken away from the norm and created something quite unique. Imagine Rock, Arabian, and JaZZ music all combined into one. I might just begin to make exceptions now that I finally found some Arabic music that is different, decent and discusses decent topics.

Razz preformed six songs; Cry, Possessed, The story, You Scared Me, Bint El Nas, and Why My Dear?

At ten o’clock exactly the show was over with everyone wishing they would go on and sing for us a few more songs.  It was a very nice experience. I doubt, however, I would go to another concert of this sort again for certain reasons (which I had not realized until towards the end of the concert or even after).


Photos and video courtesy of Samia and Reda


5 Responses to “Aziz Maraka and Razz (Concert)”

  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaay sexy

  2. aish bl nisbeh la yaaaaaay sexy !
    anyhow could u pls tell me where i can find his songs?

  3. well you can bug Moey to send them to you…he’s got a few of his songs on his site… and there are two songs on this post of his…hope this helps some.

    but keep in mind that hearing it live is way way better

  4. i think this kind of songs will be not be famouse in jordanian society
    first its not their culture songs style…but for me i think the singer need alot of practicing to do the song right……

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