RandomVille ::Still No Cat, Job, or Warm Weather and Some Useless Rambles::

Well I must say I’ve been way too lazy lately.  I should be working on my resume and portfolio of my written work for my resume but it’s going really slow.  So no job yet.  Though I have gotten an extra few students for my tutoring so that’s not too bad in that department. 

Thor is still missing.  I’m positive the neighbors either killed him or they lured him into their car (Thor loves cars) and took him somewhere really far away.  I miss Thor like a lot.

I still can’t get over the fact that I actually forgot my one year blogversary.

My sister is leaving to the states for a few weeks during break.  She hasn’t been back there for three and a half years now.   I’m excited for her but am very jealous because I miss home too.  Ahh hopefully soon I’ll be there for good and not just a few weeks.

Moving on.  The weather has been kind of nice to me lately.  It’s been exceptionally cold these past two days.  It rained heavely and thundered for a few hours.  I absolutly love it I just wish it wasn’t so cold.

I should be studying for my exams but it just isn’t very encouraging when you don’t study and end up still getting As in the classes anyway.  My final exams are almost done.  Two more (tomorrow and after tomorrow) and I’ll be free of the terrible university for ever! It’s odd how I had my three most difficult exams three days in a row last week and now I have my three easy exams all in a row this week.  It must be a conspiracy.  Well whatever that was supposed to achieve it didn’t work.

I seriously need to plan out the next two weeks our to the last detail so that I can get some productive stuff done.  I really need to get back on my feet and get back to the nitty gritty of things. I guess it really is a dog eat dog world out there.  And we need to be vicious. 


3 Responses to “RandomVille ::Still No Cat, Job, or Warm Weather and Some Useless Rambles::”

  1. OMG u wore colors!!!

  2. amultigeminilife Says:

    WHO WORE COLORS??? Kloude, NO WAY!!!

    oh and I loved the rain and thunder too, we went on a walk at 1 am to enjoy it more, my finals are much worse then yours (it might have something to do with skipping lectures all semester) any way, you are the lucky one who will not come back to JU next semester.

  3. whats colors got to do with this post?

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