Drum Roll Please ::Proud Moma::

Exams are what most students are afraid of and dread the most during their whole school experience.  The tension that builds up the few days before exams cause the students to worry and feel as though they are doomed to fail.  Even if they study really well, they still don’t know what their professors will bring on the exam.  Not knowing what to expect only helps in building the tension and worry even more.  As a result all examination rooms tend to carry the same environment; the same feel, about them.

When a student enters the exam room, albeit late, he is assailed by the air about him.  Students are sitting hunched over their desks acting a bit over protective over their exam papers like a lioness would act if she felt her cub was in danger.  The students worry over whether or not the person next to them is cheating from their paper.  At the same time they worry over the exam paper itself. Reading and rereading the questions over and over again to make sure they understand the questions fully.

The old wooden desks squeak loudly as students nervously shift their weight wondering how best to answer the questions.  This unconsciously adds to the unease drifting about the room like a deadly chemical which gets on the nerves of even the most confident among them.  Even those who are courageous enough to think positively towards the exam are affected.  The air is stuffy and it’s beginning to get hard for the students to breath with ease.  The tension is so thick it could easily be cut with a butter knife.   

A few minutes into the exam, a student raises his hand.  The professor goes to him.  Silent whispering between the two fills the room.  This distracts the others who wonder if they should ask about the things they don’t understand but silence wins over and they do not raise their hands.  Most of the students prefer to just worry over the questions they don’t understand, hoping some miracle would occur and illuminate their minds, instead of asking the professor to clarify the vague points.

The first hour is over.  The air is loud with the sounds of squeaking chairs, heavy breathing, pens scribbling and making scratchy sounds, and the papers turning.  No one has left yet.  Some students are already finished.  They just are going over everything one last time.  However, most students have yet to complete the exam.  Some nervously check their watches hoping they would be able to finish in time.  Others check to see if it is too early to leave, not wanting to be the first and make the rest of the students worry more.  Yet someone must be the first to leave.

The examination room itself is just like any other classroom but it is still so different because there is an exam taking place.  This completely changes the aura of it.

The two hours allotted for the exam are over.  The last student leaves with a big sigh and a worried smile.  He knows he is the last to finish.  This knowledge does not reassure him as he hands over his paper to the professor sitting behind the desk.  He hurries off as if something was chasing him at his heels. 

After two hours of proctoring, the professor is drained.  He looks down at the pile of exam papers on the desk with a sigh.  A sigh very different to the one the student had just given.

The room is empty.  The desks still filled with the aura of the students that just vacated them.  The tension gone.  It’s back to normal.  No one would have guessed that just minutes before the room had felt like a Roman amphitheater full to bursting.  The professor sighs again.  The semester is finally over.  He slowly gets up with the fifty odd papers tucked in his arms thinking of the long sleepless nights ahead spent on grading those same papers. 

He leaves.The room is back to being it’s old self.  No traces of the Roman Amphitheater can be felt.  The auras of the students finally vanishing as a cool January breeze sweeps into the room from the open window; chasing away all the negativity the students had had about them.  No tension or worry lingers. 

All is silent; that is, until the next exam is set to begin.


So what do you all think?  I wrote this for my final exam yesterday (Monday) for my “Advanced” Writing Course.  It was really weird. I wrote this out in half an hour and was so happy about it.  The three topics the professor had given us to choose from to write and essay about were extremely boring.  I sat for the first fifteen minutes before beginning trying to think of an interesting way to describe an exam taking place.  I was so proud of what I was able to come up with in half an hour that I asked my professor if there was any way I would be able to get a copy of it after he graded my exam and whatnot.  Guess what he did?

He was like, ‘Go copy it and bring it back.’

I was like ‘Right now?’ with a definite raised eyebrow.  Shock was written all over my face. 

My professor nodded. So I ran out and went to the copy place and got a copy of my essay and gave my exam paper back to the professor.  It was so weird. I guess he trusts me.  Well he does know by now my writing style so he’d know if I had gone and plagiarized or something.  Anyway I didn’t have time because I returned the exam like five minutes after I left the room.

Of course I tweaked and edited it a lot after all the original was thought up, written and revised in the space of an hour. And if you were wondering, yes I was the first to leave the exam. Not fun I tell you because it makes the students doubt their abilities by thinking ‘Oh My God! If she was able to complete all this this quickly then we must be doomed’.

So honestly what do you think? Should I be proud or is this just run of the mill?


5 Responses to “Drum Roll Please ::Proud Moma::”

  1. i love it! it is very powerful in the sense that it brought back the somewhat wonderful memories…excellent writing! you should be proud!
    i’m sure you’re getting an A

  2. Salam, Very clever idea to write about the situation there. He will be happy with it. Good for you. Salam, Mama Noor

  3. Spot. On. I had a question like that once, and my answer was nothing like as atmospheric.

    Over here the first person to leave is usually the one who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Tragically, that’s often me.

    Congrats on the exam!

  4. lol… how funny! to be able to put the feelings of taking those exams on paper.. wow!

  5. see, what everyone is saying? that must mean something…twould seem your professor realized that at first glance. smart guy. keep up the good work!

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