Dun Dun! ::And the Search Begins::

Actually the search part is already done.  The past couple weeks I’ve been checking out what universities I should apply to now that I am officially not going back to JU.  I’ve got three choices. Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.  I wish I could go back to California but that’s going to be tough for many reasons.

The university I am concidering in Minnesota is Saint Mary’s University in Winona.  It seems pretty cool and is only forty minutes away from where my sister is going to be living and where my brother-in-law is currently living.  If I get into this university I would study English Literature with emphasis on Writing which is very close to my ideal major.

The second option is Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee Wisconsin.  I had accidental stumbled upon this oddly named college. I found out that a branch of it was in Minnesota but it turns out that this campus is for the Business faculty only.  Of course, I fell in love with this university before I found that tid bit of info out. I am going to apply anyway and hope for the best.  It’s really and amazing university and has exactly what I want; a Writing major.

The third and most probable is University of Michigan in Flint.  If I get accepted into this university Kc and I would go together (she got accepted already) and we’d dorm together and everything. Though UofM doesn’t have my exact major it does have what I want and I can join the Teacher Certification program and become a certified teacher when I graduate.

Right now I’m working on the application process. Wish me luck everyone! *Off to make sure the FAFSA stuff got processed*

Stay tuned…


2 Responses to “Dun Dun! ::And the Search Begins::”

  1. well good luck here, anyway!! :))

  2. I hope everything works out! Let me know!

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