Random ::Coconut Bash Among Other Things::

I’ve been collecting a few occurrences and observations in order to be able to write a nice big post about them all when I got enough.  Well I think I have enough now to be able to put everything down on paper.

Let’s start from the top.  Two days ago I entered this taxi and was very much annoyed at the selection of music that was playing.  I must say that I would be very ashamed to have such bad quality music exalting the country and whatnot.  It so lame.  I can think of a million ways to put simple words to beautiful music and what the Jordanians came up with is very tacky.  If they are going to go about brainwashing people into becoming patriots and whatnot then at least provide them with decent music.

This ride reminded me of the day my sister graduated from the University of Jordan.  The same music was blasting.  Singing of how much they love their country, their king, and how proud they are at being Arabs.  But come on let’s face it.  The music itself was very annoying and the guy singing was more shouting than singing.  His voice was horrendous too. Not for an instant would I doubt he got the job through wasta.

I can seriously get used to having my room all to myself.  I share it with my 13 year old sister.  She left on Saturday night to go to Aqaba so I’ve had the room all to myself since then.  She’s supposed to come back tomorrow and I’m kind of bitter about that.  I really like having the room all to myself.  Five more months of this and I’ll have that hopefully *fingers crossed*.

I never knew how inadequet the police (or any other governmental- or otherwise -office for that matter) is in Jordan.  Amino’s car was stolen today and she told me that the chances of ever seeing that car again was like nil.  Seriously, I thought they were a little better here than that!  How can the people let these inadequecies keep piling up and act as if nothing was wrong? 

Moving on to the shocker of the week! Amino and I went to the university today to fix a problem the registration had made with my transcripts.  Amino had the same problem and got it fixed right before the fall semester ended and so I decided to fix mine since she was victorious in doing so.  So we go and it turns out that the problem has already been fixed for me.  A waste of five jd but all in all I’d rather spend that five jd than have to run around and get frustrated at the registration, the university, the Jordanians and inevitably at all the Middle Easterners alive.  That was a very nice shocker indeed.

A few weeks ago  I had had some fresh coconut at a friend’s house and really liked it.  So when Amino and I were leaving the university we saw one of the stores was selling it.  We decided to buy some.  We stood there for a few minutes inspecting the brown balls before deciding on the perfect ones for us.  Poor coconuts.

Anyway, I took a taxi home to find no one there. I got the house all to myself, which was actually perfect.  I took over the kitchen and started by washing the thing and trying to take all the hairy thingys off of the top.  Then I hacked away at the coconut for an hour.  Man that thing is so hard.  I was on the floor of the kitchen with it between my knees hacking away at it with the screw driver and whatnot. Of course this was after I had made a hole in it and poured all the milk out. It was mighty hard work. I’ll tell you this, it got really really messy.  Thank God no one else was in the house because I really made a mess.  But it was worth it and it was kind of fun getting all messy. I absolutely love fresh coconut even though many think the taste is quite bland.

At least this assures me that no one will be trying to eat it from my family since they all think it doesn’t taste that good. 


4 Responses to “Random ::Coconut Bash Among Other Things::”

  1. interesting. quite a lot to say there!
    i like bashing the coconuts, they taste okay but i looooooove the milk!

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  3. Suggestion: put the coconut in a towel (after taking out the milk), put it on the floor, and whack it with a hammer. Wworks every time. 😀 And it’s not so messy, either.

  4. I do! I think coconuts are soooooooooooo gooooooooooood!

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