Random ::Editing, Writing, and Fruit Salad::

A friend of mine gave me a half finished manuscript for a story she’s writing and asked me to read it and give her my thoughts and opinions on it. That was a few weeks ago.  I finally got the chance to read it today and I must say it was beyond awesome.  It needs some work but that’s to be expected since this is a novel in progress.  Though it jumped around a lot it wasn’t hard to follow.  The last writing that I was overly impressed with was a novel Madison, a high school friend, is currently working on.  I didn’t know what to expect when I began reading this story.  I really liked how subtly different the language is  since the girl is British and therefore mainly uses British English.

The story is roughly about this assasin’s business and gives flashbacks of how she became an assasisn and also talks about the different cases she handles.  A bland description of the story but since I only had around 50pages to read I can’t say anymore without ruining it to future readers.  To sum it up, I am really impressed and I hope to be able to read the rest as soon as it gets written.

Now for the writing part. Bleh. I’ve been busy trying to write an essay for the scholarship application that is due tomorrow. I’m very pretty near panicking because everything I’ve written so far is complete and utter crap.

I’ve always hated writing personal narratives or writing anything formally about myself (this blog doesn’t count) so this task is really hard for me.  The scholarships I’m applying to want to know what I have been able to achieve in the past five years; what awards I’ve receive, what clubs and organizations I’ve participated in, and my experience working on completing my education.  Now I could easily just state everything but it would be so dry and boring I’d probably kill myself if I submitted it like that since it wouldn’t stand out at all. But when I try and add life into it it feels as though I’m being overtly boastful and egotistical (which I don’t deny being but I just can’t submit something like that).

Let’s just hope I don’t panick anytime soon and some miracle happens and I find a way to smooth out this piece of writing.

This morning I decided to make myself a fruit salad.  Why? I have no idea but I wanted to do something with my coconut that was left over from the other day (there was a lot that came out of that little ball).  I chopped up half a green apple, two small bananas, some coconut and put them all in a bowl then I poured some of the left over fresh coconut juice over that and added about a table spoon of brown sugar.  Don’t ask how I came up with this combination since I don’t think I’ve ever had brown sugar in fruit salad before.  I must say it turned out really really good. I love messing around in the kitchen and trying out and coming up with new things.

I wish I had taken a picture of it.  Next time maybe.

But for now I need to work on my essay. Bleh.


4 Responses to “Random ::Editing, Writing, and Fruit Salad::”

  1. aw *blushes* thanks. 😛 wish her luck for me. 😉 sounds cool, and sounds like she’s got a great narrative tone going for her. as the for essay…I hate writing stuff like that, too. It’s painful. But just allow your voice to enter it instead of straightforward “I’ve done this, this, and this” or that over the top thing you’re afraid of…just allow your personality to enter it, and I’m sure it’ll be awesome. 😉 good luck! *hugs*

  2. Essay suggestion (if it isn’t too late): talk about how much you enjoyed stuff, rather than hos great you wre at it. Your results will speak for themselves. It sounds chessy repeatedly saying how much you loved this or that, but it doens’t sound big-headed. 😀 Good luck!

  3. hey, when i read it it wasnt crap! thats not fair!

  4. you didn’t read this one kc…the other stuff i had to write was fine this one is just not going no where. but its getting a bit better now…

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