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General Idiocracy ::Human Nature?::

Posted in General Idiocracy on Tuesday, February 6, 2007 by dragonsvamp

I just realized how ironic it is with women these days.  As they are girls and growing up they dream of the day they would get married and be called Mrs. ~.  When they do get married and become what they have always dreamed of becoming they beg people not to call them Mrs. or Ma’ams. 

Though I’ve always thought about this it really hit hard today when i overheard Rachel Ray talking to some dude on her show.  He answered one of her questions with a ‘Yes Ma’am’ and she went ‘Oh my god! I’d give you five bucks to call me miss!’ Though she was joking I’m a firm believer that all jokes have a hint of truth behind them.

Sad really.  No one is happy anymore with what they have and what they are and always want the opposite.  It’s major pathetic in my opinion.


Dun Dun! ::Transcripts::

Posted in University in America on Tuesday, February 6, 2007 by dragonsvamp

The grades have come out for last semester! I went with Amino yesterday to get the transcripts printed and sent to the universities I’m applying to. 

It was cold and foggy and rainy yesterday and Amino and I were supposed to meet up at nine thirty.  I got to the university five minutes late to find that Amino was stuck in traffic. While waiting I sent the letters that were ready and ran around a bit from one end of the university to the other. 

When Amino finally showed up at around ten we got busy doing the nitty gritty.  Just getting a transcript takes a million steps.  First we had to go to the Maliyah which was at one end of the university and pay for it.  There we receive a receipt which we take to the registrations office which is in the middle of the university (about 5-7 minutes walking from the Maliyah).  There we give the receipt to the office for our faculty.  The guy prints it up and then gives it to us.  But we aren’t any where near done yet.  We have to go upstairs and get the transcripts stamped and then if because we wanted copies of them we had to go back downstairs to do that and then go back upstairs so that we could get the transcript sealed shut in an envalope we had to bring with us.  After getting it stamped we had to go to another office upstairs to get a guy to sign the envelope next to the stamp.  It was odd.

So we were finally done with that after about an hour running around.  Next thing we had to get done was mailing the transcripts we had just received.  I went to the regular post office and sent my transcripts to University of Michigan. After that Amino and I went to the TNT office.  It was funny how she went over all her stuff over and over again making sure she had everything she needed in that big fat envelope of hers.  Well she is applying to Yale and she doesn’t need to forget something and ruin her chances of getting in.  So it’s understandable. 

The TNT office is inside the Administration building.  One of the few nice buildings in the university.  The outside is nothing much to look at but the inside is really nice and neat.  We took the elevator to the fourth floor and Amino filled out the paperwork for the two envalopes she was sending.  But just like everything in Jordan you have to run around to a million places before you can get anything done.  We had to go down to the second floor to pay for the shipping and the guy gave us such vague directions we were walking up and down the hall for a few minutes trying to figure out who we needed to go to.  Then we had to go upstairs with the receipt and see the packages off for.

We got back into the elevator and couldn’t decide which level to pick was the floor we came on the first or zero? So I was going off about how they do it the British way here in Jordan and so it was definitely zero.  We hit that button and the elevator doors open and we find a dark vertical corridor in front of us.  Definitely not the floor we wanted. So apparently not everything in Jordan follows one system.

Amino commented how ‘bloggable’ this all was.  And so now she reserves copyrights for this word.

One more transcript to send (hopefully sometime next week) and I’ll have everything sent to all the universities I’m applying to.

Right now I’m focusing on St. Mary’s and University of Michigan.  I am most likely not going to finish applying for Cardinal Stritch because they want me to get my transcript evaluated at an evaluation agency and that is going to make a huge hole in my pocket.  So since I have until April to apply to Cardinal S university I’ll leave that as a last resort.

So fingers crossed here.