General Idiocracy ::Human Nature?::

I just realized how ironic it is with women these days.  As they are girls and growing up they dream of the day they would get married and be called Mrs. ~.  When they do get married and become what they have always dreamed of becoming they beg people not to call them Mrs. or Ma’ams. 

Though I’ve always thought about this it really hit hard today when i overheard Rachel Ray talking to some dude on her show.  He answered one of her questions with a ‘Yes Ma’am’ and she went ‘Oh my god! I’d give you five bucks to call me miss!’ Though she was joking I’m a firm believer that all jokes have a hint of truth behind them.

Sad really.  No one is happy anymore with what they have and what they are and always want the opposite.  It’s major pathetic in my opinion.


5 Responses to “General Idiocracy ::Human Nature?::”

  1. -all jokes have a hint or truth behind them.
    well otherwise they wouldnt be funny, right?

  2. plus, while what you’re saying is true, sometimes not being happy with what you’ve got could actually fuel you into getting something better.

  3. thats true mazz but rarely ever happens.

  4. Well, I would never choose to be called “miss”, married or not. Too archaic, too insulting.

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