An Example of Idiocracy ::TV Ad::

So on MBC4 there is this ad for the series for Monk and they translated the ad into Arabic.  It grates on my nerves.  Why? because the lady is speaking in Arabic and then in the end she says ‘La shayeah makes perfect sense…like nonsense?’

It’s like double take big time.  They couldn’t find a way to translate that? Or they could’ve just left the commercial in English since everything on MBC4 is in English anyways. Idiots.

(By the way, ‘La shayeah’ means ‘Nothing’)


2 Responses to “An Example of Idiocracy ::TV Ad::”

  1. Well it is tv you know, whatcha expecT? lol

  2. Hey Kloude, there is a cookie party at MommaBeans tonight…I couldn’t find your email address, but want you to know we’d love to meetcha!

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