Voila! ~Got Mexican?~

Well I must say chili and Mexican salad have got to be one of my favorite mexican dishs out there.  At least I love them the way I make them (which I have realized some might not even concider to be truely Mexican). 

A few days ago I had the craving for chili and so I decided to make some.  It turned out really really good.  Now this is probably one of the few good points of not having a job at the moment.  I haven’t cooked in ages. And when I dit it was always once in a million blue moons.  But now I have more time so I’m finding myself cooking more often.

The chili:


And yesterday I made Mexican Salad.  The vegetables are those found ina normal salad; lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, and corn.  The meat mix is ground beef, taco seasoning (don’t know if they have that here. we get ours from America) and precooked black and kidney beans.  We combine those two and put a ton of crushed tortilla chips and cheese on top. Then you mix it and the cheese should melt from the heat of the meat. Very very good stuff.

The veggies:

The meat and beans: 

And the end result:


*licks fingers*


11 Responses to “Voila! ~Got Mexican?~”

  1. WAIT!!! don’t eat alone or you will choke. invite us for lunch so we keep an eye on you 🙂

  2. you made me hungry…O_O looks so good.

  3. Yummy!! Ya, it sure is Good!!!!! Must say my sister sure does pass as a good cook….only when she is in the mood…hehe

  4. OOOOOwww, shu zaki!!! Mexican is my FAVORITE! I would add guacamole, salsa and sour cream (why not double the calories) but sadly, haven’t seen any avocados, made any salsa…but labaneh is a good sour cream alternative.

    Now I’m hungry. Maybe you coudl host a blogger ladies MExican feast? 🙂

  5. That looks wonderful i could even smell it!!
    once when i was living in amman i could not find any soft taco shells so i made them from scratch and they came out really good! i love blogs with pictures, just like kids liking a story book with colorful pictures!! thanks for sharing.

  6. its really good with guacamole…kinzi they have them at 3JD a kilo in cTown in Amman Mall which is a pretty fair price and they looked very very good. I bought two yesterday and made it with the salad…very good! (its also good with ranch dressing or just plain on its own)

  7. Yum! Looks tasty! 🙂

  8. Now that’s just cruel. Posting all those yummy dishes on your blog… 😀 They look delicious.

    Sometimes my family cooks enchiladas.

  9. holy love of god that looks like i can eat it off the floor.

  10. damn this sound deadly good, Mexican is my weakness! haha
    I lived on Nachos, Tacos & Fajitas during exams! hehehe
    great salad Kloude

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