Creator ::Over 10 Years::

Well Andrew (a new blog I’m beginning to frequent) made a post, a few days ago, about when he first began writing two years ago.  He asked all his readers how we began our different journeys in writing.

So here’s my story.  I started writing when I was about seven or eight.  And the first piece of creative writing I came up with was a poem. A poem about a rock.  I have no idea why I decided to write or anything but I think it was just something spontaneous and random. Not something I planned or thought of before writing.  I just had a pencil and paper on me and since I’m not much of a drawer I just put that pencil to the paper and started writing. I wrote the poem in a few minutes and ran out to show it to my parents.  I might have touched up the memory but I remember it so clearly.  I was so proud of it and it all rhymed!

Now over ten years later (and a handful of short stories, poems, and longer stories under my belt) I must say that I am actually very happy that I do not have an original copy of it but it went something like ‘I walk, you talk, about a rock…’ You get the picture.

But that’s what I needed to spur me on to the path of writing and even if it’s only a hobby right now, I will never stop.

So if you are a writer, or have writing tendencies: Tell us what began it all?


3 Responses to “Creator ::Over 10 Years::”

  1. well i began in second grade with a story about a hat that kept blowing away from its owner (and i illustrated it). in 2nd grade lol

  2. yeah i was in second grade too!

  3. I was eight, in a play, and one of my props was a notebook that I got to keep. Having nothing better to do, I began writing stories. Going on 12 years and a couple novels now. 😛

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