Dun Dun! ::Running About::

I’ve been going to the university since the new semester started; Sunday, Monday and today. I’m finishing up last minute stuff for my applications to the universities in the states. I must say I’m really excited. I sent my transcripts to U of M about two weeks ago, so I should hear from them sometime next week.

On Sunday, I got everything together to send all my transcripts (from high school, two community colleges in California, and my university) to St. Mary’s University. It took practically all day because of the lines and stuff since students were trying to get their things done as well. At the end of the day, I went to the post office with my heavy huge envelope only to find that the computers were down and so nothing was being sent out. A big bummer I know.

That’s why I had to go to the university on Monday. I got there and sent the package off the moment I got there and then ran around trying to get stuff done for the scholarship requirements for UofM. I got my two references I needed for volunteer work and whatnot and I asked the dean of the faculty for a recommendation letter. He taught me three classes over the past two years.

He told me the information he needed and that’s why I had to go today. To give him that information.

Getting recommendation letters and stuff can be a very tedious process, I have come to find out. I’m just happy I won’t have to go to the university again till the beginning of next week to pick up the letter.


5 Responses to “Dun Dun! ::Running About::”

  1. and it was raining today on top of that! accursed potholes!

  2. “a very tedious process”

    No arguments here! Especially when there are essays involved, or when schools require more essays than the Common Appllication asks for because they’re special. 🙂

  3. someone’s been busy i see!

  4. and I miss you like hell 😦 long time no see K

  5. yup ive been pretty busy trying to get stuff done and it never seems to end.

    Andrew: its even harder when applying as a freshman than as a transfer. so headpats and good luck!

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