An Example of Idiocracy ::Standing in Line::

Last week while I was working on getting my stuff ready and sent to the universities I’m applying to I got into a normal (in this country) situation, which to me is very un-normal. I was standing in a very long line to pay for my transcript. Now if you’ve never been to Jordan this is one thing you won’t know. No one knows how to stand in line. Most of the people cut in front of the ones dumb (or decent-is there a difference?) enough to actually form and stand in a line. I was finally almost at the counter when a girl tried to wedge herself in front of me. Between my line and the line (I will call them ‘line’ for lack of better terms) next to me was a security guard so he wouldn’t let anyone cut in from the right side of the line. She kept bugging him, ‘I only want to ask a question. Just one question please?’ The guy kept telling her no. I used my voice and told her very rudely that I have been standing in the line for half an hour and that it was not fair for her to just barge in like that. She looked at me weirdly because I spoke to her in perfect English (and because I had my sunglasses on in a pretty dark room but that’s beside the point) and replied with a ‘But it’s only a question! It won’t take that long!’ Somehow, she got in front of me and asked the teller the question. But the guard told the teller not to help her since she didn’t stand in line. The guy told the girl what she needed to do (which was pay a JD for some paper she needed) but wouldn’t help her further because she wasn’t in line.

She moved out of the way but still didn’t go and stand in line. Then she asked me if I would do the transaction for her since it only cost a JD. As if the price mattered. It all took the same amount of time to get done. She spoke in perfect English too which led me to the conclusion that she must’ve lived outside for a few years. But anyways, I turned around and told her that if the people behind me were willing I’d do it. So she asked the guy behind me and he refused saying exactly what I had told her. That we were all in a hurry and we all needed to get our stuff done and we all should have to wait our turn. She tried to whine and whatnot but it didn’t work on this guy. Trust me nothing works on him. I had to deal with him in English Conversation Club. But after that she disappeared thank God.

It’s just sad. Just because her transaction was going to cost a mere one JD she thought it was reason enough for her to cut in line. My transaction costs 5JD but it was only one paper I needed as well so it would have taken the same amount of time as hers did. Faulty thinking and reasoning all the way. It’s just really sad.


2 Responses to “An Example of Idiocracy ::Standing in Line::”

  1. yeah reminds me of lunch lines. thats why i just wait til everyone is done before i go get my food. but soemtimes theres so many people that the line never ends.

  2. I think it’s just another example ofhow society is declining. People just don’t care anymore, so long as they get what they want, as fast as they can, and it doesn’t matter who gets put out to do it. 😦

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