Voila! ~Mood Foods~

A while back I was reading through some of Dr. Oz’s book (YOU on a Diet, The Owner’s Manual for Waist Management by Mehmet C. Oz M.D. and Michael F. Roizen M.D.) and came across a section that I found interesting. I’ve always known that some foods can effect our moods and that sometimes we eat certain foods because we are in certain moods.  Thing is I never had a compiled list and whatnot so here it is.

So as the book says ‘We binge on different foods for different reasons.’

Now this is not definite but it is the most probable.

If you reach for: –> You’re most likely feeling:

   “1. Tough foods, like meat or hard and crunchy foods–> Angry

     2. Sugars –> Depressed

     3.  Soft and sweet foods like ice cream–> Anxious

     4. Salty foods –> Stressed

     5. Bulky, fill you up foods like crackers and pasta –> Lonely, Sexually frustrated

     6. Anything and everything –> Jealous”

Again, this is not set in stone.  It is meant for what you tend to binge on and not necessarily the food you’d normally eat on a day to day basis.


11 Responses to “Voila! ~Mood Foods~”

  1. I do crave ice cream when I’m feeling anxious! Wow.

    But why isn’t chocolate in there? Or is that an all-moods kind of food? :p

    I wonder why we crave those things? I always thought our cravings were because we were lacking something that the food had, but maybe not.

  2. oops I knew I had forgotten something…it’s updated now. lol thanks for pointing that out!

  3. So what does that have to do with the viola? I expected this to be a post about music too 😉

  4. Well I have certain headers for the posts that fall under certain categories. Now for the category ‘food’ the header is always ‘Viola!’ another example: under the category ‘My University Life’ the header is always ‘Drum Roll Please’ and so on. The headers rarely ever change no matter what the post is about.

  5. well im a pencil chewer, so that kinda says a lto about me! my pencils usually last a week or two and end their life when the metal holding the eraser disappears.

  6. so Viola, huh? not voila?

  7. Oh dear chocolate, I didn’t notice that typo. *Cries*

    So what section does ‘pencil eraser’ come under? 😀

  8. imelda i have no idea…lol

    and beti thanks…*off to fix my mistake*

  9. what if you like sugar and arent really feeling depressed or anxious or anything? we should have a talk with that Oz guy.

  10. mikail there’s a difference between your likes and dislikes and what you sometimes binge on. its just that if you are feeling any of these moods you’ll most likely find your self binging on those foods

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