Fam ::Bro In A Dress::

This is what you get when you have eight sisters and you are the only boy (and youngest) in the family.

This is one thing my brother will never hear the end of when he’s all grown up. Poor kid.


 It first started with just his hair but quickly escalated to his clothes.

The finger nail polish he’s had for a while.

Some might even be convinced that he’s a girl.

Poor kid he was ready to get outta that dress even before I was done taking pictures!

12 Responses to “Fam ::Bro In A Dress::”

  1. and he could totally be! hes too cute to be a boy! hehehejk..

  2. hope it doesnt mess him up lol

    :p too much stephen king

  3. hehehe, watch out cut his hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. hahaha…nice! we dressed my brother up in headbands and clips and dresses, too. great pictures, haha ;P

  5. poor alex…lol do you guys have pics of it to tease him now that he’s much older?

  6. you should be put in jail for that at the very least. i’d never forgive you…sadists, all of you…thank god i didn’t have a sister to do this to me.

  7. haha, maybe somewhere…not sure. 😛

  8. The scary part is, in the second and third picture he looks thoroughly happy to be in that dress…

  9. its not that he’s happy to be in the dress. but more that he’s happy for the attention he’s getting because of being in a dress. he rarely has three of his older sisters fretting over him like this. :p

  10. oh, mashaAllah! He is sooooo cute! You guys put finger nail polish on him too? Looks like you girls have been waiting for another toy to play with! I love it, did I mention that he’s really cute!

  11. Hi!A cute Look of a girlish optical (hairstyle excellent!).I think why not?Many sisters do it-put in girls clothes-their brother.Everybody should to wear all kind of clothes what he wants-for fun and all time!Bye.

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