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Andrew recently wrote about his thoughts on ‘realistic fantasy’. It made me think a bit about it. I’ve always had my own criteria on how I judge a book to be good. I’ve always read fantasy and one of my main (come to think about it ‘unconsious’) criteria was that the author must make the reader believe the store could happen. No matter how out of this world the story is if the author is good the story will captivate the reader and make the reader forget ‘reality’ as he knows it and to a certain point believe the reality that is in the book.

A well written fantasy novel, in my opinion, must feel true. Not necessarily ‘real’ but true. That the characters in the book, though a figment of the author’s imagination, are true. That they exist within the authors imagination. Now for a story to feel ‘true’ the author must make an effort to make the story seem plausible. Of course since it’s fantasy the reader will obviously know that it is not part of reality as we know it. However, the author can either make the reader forget reality as we know it or create a new ‘possible’ reality.

All ‘realities’ must have explanations; they must have reasons; and above all the world must be real to the characters. So if you magically were transported into that world everything should make sense around you to a certain point of course.

I’ve never thought of ‘realistic fantasy’ being an oxymoron but now that I think about it I understand how it could be taken that way. As a first impression it could be an oxymoron but that’s just on the surface. We as ‘humans’ can only comprehend things within a limit. So a story that doesn’t explain things so that the mere mortal may comprehend it is a poorly written story. The reader can not know what is going on inside the author’s mind/imagination so the author must go into details on certain things so that the reader may understand where the author is coming from. And ‘fantasy’ doesn’t completely cancel out ‘reality’ from it’s vocabulary.

I must say I’ve read many novels and stories where the author is able to make a completely impossible story seem so real.


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  1. “I’ve never thought of ‘realistic fantasy’ being an oxymoron but now that I think about it I completely disagree with Andrew about this. As a first impression it could be an oxymoron but after some though it isn’t.”

    We don’t disagree. We agree that there is such a thing as realistic fantasy. I said:

    “At first, “realistic fantasy” sounds like an oximoron, but it isn’t

  2. For me, as long as it fits into the basic rules of common knowledge (physics, etc.) and is plausible (because any self-respecting Sci-Fi author explains how their death beams and stuff work) it’s realistic enough for me. In other words, if it doesn’t “push the envelope” on reality, then it’s okay.

  3. eek i so didn’t mean it to come out that bad. sorry.

    I guess I meant it as in that i just never thought of it that way and it never came across to me like that

    I’ll change that now…

  4. in other words, you can’t brush everything off with “IT’S MAGIC!!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU QUESTION ME AND MY WORK!!!” Known people who have tried that one, haha.

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