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Spammers’ Special

Posted in Blog News on Friday, March 30, 2007 by dragonsvamp

Well the three days of no spams are long gone and almost forgotten and sometimes even thought to be a mere figment of my imagination; what with the 130+ spam comments I had to delete today. Bleh.


Voila ~Sen5es~

Posted in Food on Saturday, March 24, 2007 by dragonsvamp

A friend and I stopped by Mecca Mall yesterday and tried out a new restaurant for a late lunch. We settled on going to Sen5es which had just opened. It’s a small Italian restaurant set right across from Hardees.  We almost didn’t go there but figured why not try it out. 

When we entered the burnt orange colored and wood decorated interior we were seated and waited upon promptly.  We quickly ordered Chicken Pasta and Ceaser Salad. The salad was instantly served and was really tasty.  Soon afterwards the Chicken Pasta was placed, steaming and looking really good, at our table.  We began eating and it was all heavenly.

Moments after we started eating, my friend found a hair in the food and before I even knew what was going on the waiter came and whisked the plate away appologizing.  I looked at my friend surprised and she quickly explained to me that he saw her pull out the hair from the dish.  The waiter returned and apologized one more time saying we would get another dish soon.

The service was prompt and friendly.  I was really impressed.  The food was excelent and the amount served was enough to fill me and my friend up to the point of almost being full. The dishes were served in clean sleak white plates and bowls. I wish I had the camera with me because the food looked so good and it tasted even better.

Now to those who like to know what you’re budget should be if you want to try this restaurant out, those two dishes and a small bottle of water were for 9JD. And we were so impressed with the service that we even tipped them (which we usually don’t since they usually have service fees but I didn’t see that included in the charges on the reciept).

So if you’re hungry and hanging out somewhere around Mecca Mall you should check this little restaurant out.

Spammers’ Vacation

Posted in Blog News on Tuesday, March 20, 2007 by dragonsvamp

It seems as though the spammers took a vacation this last weekend and conveniently forgot that yesterday was a Monday ending up getting a three day vacation.  How do I know?  Well it’s kind of obvious.

I haven’t had one, not a single, spam comment since last Friday. That is besides the fact that the stats for my blog has plummeted this weekend as well to half the usual blog ‘visitors’ as before.  This all backs up my claim that the spammers have a Spam Day (conveniently placed right around St. Patrick’s Day so no one will be the wiser).  And this Spam Day extends over the whole weekend as well.

Does this show that the spammers have been doing good business to be able to afford a three day holiday? Hmmmmm.

Well it was short lived since just this morning I found 11 spam comments waiting patiently for me to delete them in the spambox. Everyone! The spammers are back!

Work It! ::Hip Hop::

Posted in Health & Fitness on Saturday, March 17, 2007 by dragonsvamp

Okay, so I was going off last post about how much I hated gyms in Jordan. Well my family finally found a half way decent one where a lot of the people who go to it are pretty serious and if they aren’t at least the instructors are and so you can easily ignore the idiots who’re there for the status and not for the health.

So I started going to the gym again about a month ago. I figured if I was no longer in the university, forced to walk a ton because of my spaced out classes, that I needed to go to they gym to keep up whatever strength I’ve accumulated from walking all over the university and walking to work from university.

So I started out going to the bodypump or weight training classes. Those are pretty cool because I don’t care too much for aerobics and I’ve never really heard of weight training classes in Jordan.  I’m really enjoying it.  I did a good bit of weight training before coming to Jordan and right after coming here but that was when we had our own set of weights and whatnot. Those are now in storage waiting to be sold I’m guessing. And so I kind of forgot how much I enjoyed weight training.  Now I can’t seem to get enough of it.

It also seems to be helping me with my stress. I never thought tutoring a bunch of first through eighth graders would be so draining. But when they are pretty spoilt, it’s pretty much a no brainer.  The gym really helps in relieving the stress and I rarely ever have those days where I dread getting out of bed because of the prospect of the super long day of tutoring ahead of me (though at first I had credited this no longer happening because I no longer had the stress of the university (full time studying) added to my tutoring but though that has helped in relieving the stress, the gym I believe has helped more).

But obviously when I find something I enjoy I find a road block. This one came in the form of cancelation; one of two classes I attended during the week (they were the only times that fit my schedule) was getting canceled because none of the instructors could teach it anymore because of it being late.  Now since when did 8:30-9:30pm become late?

Oh well but as the saying goes, ‘When a door closes(or slams shut in most cases) God opens you a window’ and this ‘window’ of types opened in the realization that another time might be incorporated into my schedule (what with a few alterations and shiftings of my tutoring times) and He even added a little more to that opened window by the gym introducing some hip hop class.

It seems that the first class will be given on Thursday. If it’s being taught by a decent instructor it should be fun. If it’s taught by an Arab instructor who ‘thinks’ she knows hip hop…then I think it might be the first and last time I go because I honestly believe that I can tell between good dancing and fake dancing; even though I’m not formally trained I just guess I can feel the music or something. *shrugs* but don’t take my word for it.

To be continued…

Random ::The Madness Commences::

Posted in RandomVille on Friday, March 16, 2007 by dragonsvamp

As the title shows, the March madness I had talked about in the previous post has yet to end.  And I have pictures to boot!  It actually snowed yesterday.  Almost all day; from the moment I woke up till it became dark outside. And in March of all months! Like seriously, we didn’t get any snow the whole winter and now it decides to snow.

So I will speak no more and show you instead of more rambling:

This picture was taken today from my mom’s bedroom window.

The kids played and walked all over the pretty snow!

I want doggy!

Right outside my room window.


More from my bedroom window.

Random ::March Madness Indeed::

Posted in RandomVille on Wednesday, March 14, 2007 by dragonsvamp

And tomorrow’s weather forcast is…unkown. 

It seems the month of March is determined to stand out.  It refuses to comply with the laws of it being a month that is still part of winter since spring is right around the corner. Yet a part of it is still refusing to acknowledge that spring is indeed right around the corner.

Therefore,  the past two weeks that have been March, the weather has been playing a sort of tug-of-war.  Literally one day is freezing and the next you’re almost getting a tan from how hard the sun is hitting down on the country.

Last year it actually snowed for a day in March when it barely snowed all winter.  And today it just finished hailing. 

Two days ago, I would just need to walk down the hill from our house and I’d have already built up a sweat. And two days later, its freezing, raining, windy, and hailing of all things. Seriously March needs to grow up and stop being a teenager and decide what it’s going to be a part of. Because it just can’t be half with winter and half with spring and then jumble it all up so you have no idea what kind of weather you’ll have tomorrow.

What’s up with March? Is it the rebellious teenage month of the year? It sure seems so.


{Source for cartoon}

Creator ::The Itch::

Posted in writing et all on Sunday, March 11, 2007 by dragonsvamp

Alright. My suspicions are now confirmed. It was all the university’s fault that my writing (not blog writing evidently) and reading have suffered (but mainly my writing). 

Now that I’ve quit school…

I’m already reading like crazy since I dropped out of school (best decision I’ve ever made I believe). So far since the end of January I’ve read four novels (all in about a month and half); Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, Venus in Furs(which I read in less than a day), and I’m almost half way through with A Million Little Pieces which is a 500+ paged deep(writing-wise) book (I’m sure I read another novel but I can’t remember it right at the moment). Though that’s not even close to the usual I had before I started university, it’s still way better than reading a single novel over a two month period.

But I’ve got nothing as cheery to say about my writing. Dark Desire hasn’t seen the light of day in over 8 months and that’s a conservative estimate. 

The thing is I really never got writer’s block for this story. I just couldn’t get myself to write during the time I was at the university. Even though I had tons of ideas and stuff I wanted to write, I would always find an excuse to do something else instead of write.  And before I knew it I found out I couldn’t write anything more for the novel (which is over 35,000 words) until I reread what I’ve already written. That’s sad because it shows how long it’s been since I’ve picked this up. 

Even though I write everything first before I type it up on my computer, I can no longer rely on the notebooks of mine because they are very early first drafts and my stories tend to take a life of their own and evolve and change when I type them up.  Even if the change is small it is still vital.

I, also, know for a fact that I’ve got so much more on the computer than I have in my notebooks.  So that means I have two choices. To print what I’ve written so far (and give my mom a heart attack) or I read it on the computer. Since it’s around 200 pages I don’t have the patience to read it on the computer. And I don’t have the heart to use all the new ink my mom just bought for the printer. And there you have it, before I knew it I had just come up with a huge excuse not to write.

But this time its different. I need to write. I want to write. I’m itching to write.

And so that’s why this excuse will not last very long. Soon (hopefully within the next week) I’ll have figured out a way to print the story (maybe at one of the printing places outside my ex-university or maybe I’ll put my friends to some use by getting them to let me use their IDs and passwords and print the story out using their paid for but unused 100 pages of printing allowed them each semester in campus computer labs- I know I rarely ever used them). 

Either way my fingers are begging me to write and that lame excuse won’t last long. I’m so excited to be writing again!