Work It! ::Gyms in Jordan::

Gyms (specifically for woman) in Jordan are a joke to me.  All the ones I’ve seen from the inside and/or out are more of a ‘waste your money on me’ type places.  Yeah they have the machines and the classes and whatnot but it just feels as though it’s all fake and stands for one purpose. Not to get healthy and fit but more to show your status among the people.

Seriously, go into one of them one day.  The women are all dolled up.  All they’d have to do is put on a dress and they’d be fit to go to a party or something.  And most of them don’t even break a sweat. They don’t try and listen to what the instructor has to say about the routine and tend to do all the reps wrong. Then they complain to the instructor about the pain they get after the classes are over and the instructor trys to make them understand that they are doing it all wrong. But they don’t want to hear that obviously.

The last time I’ve been to a gym was about a year or more ago and those were my observations of it at that time.

Now I’m not saying every single woman who goes to the gym is just going because it gives her status. I’m sure there are a good number out there that are taking an interest and making an effort to become fit and healthy but the above statement is my previous observation of the general goings on in a gym.


11 Responses to “Work It! ::Gyms in Jordan::”

  1. Well said. I don’t bother anymore, too wierd to feel like you have to dress up to go to the gym! I get out my weights at home, put on my own music, sweat and look ugly. Love it.

  2. Interesting, I’ve always seen it that way when it came to ladies in Amman, it’s a “cool” thing to answer that you’re going to the gym, just got back from the gym or anything to that effect, now to be fair that might not apply on everyone, but it sure is the way many think about it.

    Its probably part of the “Friends” mentality, cool, good looking, funny, open minded..etc.the irony is that the characters on that show aren’t as cool or fit or happy off camera, I could go on and on about the different theories about gyms, but I wont..for now.

  3. yeah it’s this whole ‘cool’ aspect…has nothing about wanting to truly be healthy and fit.

  4. well whatcha expect? lol its not always bad to want to look good, its all abotu how you think about doing it

  5. you know Arab women/girls.. they live for makeup and junk! its true! I know I’m generalizing but that is waht it is, they just cant stand the fact that their skin is darker or that they have black hair. etc. etc. etc.

  6. Well, they’re not harming anyone- they’re supporting the livelihood of otherwise jobless gym instructors.

  7. I stopped going to the gym (I work out at home) because all the ladies would get p*ssed that I would rather listen to my mp3s than chat with them when I’m working out. And what amusing chit-chat it was *facepalm*. Don’t think the idea of throwing a 3 pound weight at one of them didn’t cross my mind.

  8. […] It! ::Hip Hop:: Okay, so I was going off last post about how much I hated gyms in Jordan. Well my family finally found a half way decent one where a lot of the people who go to it are […]

  9. I know I’m about 3 months late in the reply. I didnt read this one because I was probably at the gym. There is a very good and inexpensive gym I found in Sweileh. All the women work it, and sweat while doing so. Havent found a prissy one yet, well maybe one. The instructor rocks and you can hear all us girls counting our reps from down the street! There is always a line to get to the showers after the class, and we all leave feeling great!

  10. well thats good. another one Fitness One is really good too.

  11. thats sooo true fantasy!
    i have been going to the gym for 3 years , and i am the kind who work out for months, and i noticed that women may show up only once a week or so.. and all women on machines would read magazines while working out? how is that possible.. but to say the truth there is a lil bunch who would take it serious but very very lil.. i wish to find women or girls that would work out for their health and flexibility, all of them would work out for a better appearance or to lose weight and its all about how u look like! Arabs!

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