An Example of Idiocracy ::Palestine vs. Israel::

Amino had given me a link to some article about Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliff when I stumbled on this article after checking out another one about Israelis leaving their religion. It’s the story of a couple who married three years ago. The oddity is that the guy is Palestinian and his wife is Israeli.

It’s sad to see that both Osama and Jasmine are shunned by their countries because they chose to over look the fact that their people are at war with one another. It shows how messed up both the Palestinians and Israelis are.

They’ve spent the past three years trying to integrate in to either the Palestinian or the Israeli side. It was all in vain. Neither even came close to accepting them. The Israelis no longer consider Jasmine one of them and Osama is considered a traitor among the Palestinians.

Now they are working on leaving the Middle East behind and living in Europe. They have given up trying to ‘win this fight’.

 “We were naive and thought we could win this fight but we can’t. So we have to go abroad and start a new life.” –Jasmine

“I feel like a refugee. The moment I decided not to be part of the mainstream I was told that I was not a part of my country anymore.” –Jasmine

“Jewish people were abused for thousands of years, but my nation has switched from being victims to being abusers. … That’s hard for me to acknowledge. The Jewish people are occupiers now, and we are racist.” –Jasmine

“There were threats. People said if I brought my wife here we’d be in danger. Even my friends said that. They say I am a traitor.” –Osama

What’s more doesn’t it seem odd that Jasmine has already gotten her ticket out of there while Osama is still waiting. Could it be that not only are the Palestinians and Israelis racist but the rest of the world and their governments as well?


2 Responses to “An Example of Idiocracy ::Palestine vs. Israel::”

  1. IN more ways than one “all power to them!”

  2. Its great that they can overcome so much.. they must really love each other!

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