Dun Dun! ::Waiting::

Just over a week ago University of Michigan contacted me and told me they needed my high school transcripts to prove that I graduated from a school that’s primary language is English. If it isn’t then I’d have to take the TOEFL. They want this because they only have my transcripts from JU and so they need to make sure that I have the needed skills in English to be able to make it int their system I guess. So I had to find a way to get my transcript sent from my school in the US to University of Michigan. And knowing my school, it’ll take them forever to send those transcripts over.

Well what can I do but sit and wait?  Everything is sent in and I’m working my behind off trying to save money so that I can have some dough when I go back.

ST. Mary’s University has had all the documents for at least two weeks now.  If for some reason I had forgotten to send something, they have yet to tell me.  So I’m hoping to hear from them very soon *fingers crossed*.

University of Michigan won’t even get my transcript for another week at least and after that I have to wait two weeks until they let me know. Since they said you find out if you are accepted two weeks at least after your file is completed.  I sure hope my high school in the US hurries up and sends my transcript there asap.

But on a more optimistic note, I’ve reserved a ticket for July 27th for Michigan.  And even if I don’t get accepted to go to U of M I’m still most likely going to Michigan as long as a friend of mine is going as well. And she is already accepted to U of M. I’d just go to college and finish my AA degree and then transfer to U of M.

Less than five months and counting. 

It’s pretty hard to be patient.


4 Responses to “Dun Dun! ::Waiting::”

  1. if it helps, i have my fingers and toes crossed! its making it real hard to walk tho..

  2. *hugs and head pats* hang in there. fingers crossed. 😉

  3. Patience might be a virtue, but it’s annoying!

    Good luck. Even though there’s nothing you can do now …

  4. *hugs and headpats* Good luck, I’ve got my fingers crossed

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