Press ::Court Frees Iranian Teen::

I heard of this story a while back but never found out what had happened. In January I got an email about it but never got to open it until today. This is one amazing story and not the good kind of amazing.

In March 2005, a 17 year old girl, Nazanin Fatehi ,  stabbed to death one out of the three men that tried to rape her and her 15 year old niece.  She was convicted of premeditated murder and was sentenced to the death penalty.

How sad and messed up is that?

If she hadn’t stabbed one of the guys all three would have raped both of them and most likely ended up killing them as well and then the Iranian government would not have even bothered to find the rapists and murderers since they’d definitely think it was all the girls’ fault anyway.

That is so messed up.

Nazinin has been in prison these past two years and was just released on January 31st of this year because of the efforts of former Miss World (Canada) Nazanin Afshin-Jam.  I can’t believe what would most likely have happened to Nazinin if this campaign had failed.

Obviously money talks loud and clear; a whole 43,000 USD that is.  This amount was needed to get Nazanin out on bail and what was needed to make the court change it’s ruling.

And this shows how corrupt the world is becoming.


5 Responses to “Press ::Court Frees Iranian Teen::”

  1. It’s in Iran, so it’s not surprising how messed up it is. But it’s good to know about, just the same. And who knows what they’re going to spend the 43k on? There are plenty of non-corrupt places in the world, too. Maybe you could do a post on one of them?

  2. Non-corrupt places? You’re far too innocent, Andrew …

    This is a sad story, but at least the right thing happened in the end. Now if the dealth penalty had been carried out immediately, it would be tragic. The girl has her life back, it’s just a shame she had to go through that.

  3. Heheh. That came out really wrong. I meant places where there are good people doing good things in the world, and making a difference.

  4. Stories like this make my stomach turn.Every time I say “X” country must be the worst at treating women, some other country raises the bar by doing something even more hideous. I hate to be pessimistic but even though she escaped the death penalty, I wonder how badly she’ll be treated by the society there? The stigma of being a rape victim must be a huge one in their eyes.

  5. yeah it’s so sad. The thing that makes me happy for her is that her parents and family still love her and aren’t close minded enough to shun her. So maybe the people in Iran are somewhat better than the general population in Jordan. I sure hope so.

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