adVENTure ::Exhaustion::

Today was one very very long day of tutoring. I taught five children in the space of ten hours (seven of them spent teaching and the other two spent moving around and getting to the places and no idea what I did with the extra hour).  I left the house at just after nine and came back at right before seven.

The parent of my favorite student wants me to tutor her second son. That’s going to be so much fun.  The mother of my newest student (the Wadi Seerian kid) just found out today that I’m only going to be tutoring til the end of June if that long because of my leaving. And guess what? No more hyperventilating today!

Even though tutoring was exhausting and wore me out today, it was so rewarding. And everyday I tutor I know more and more that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Teaching.

It’s a beautiful feeling knowing what your vocation in life is and it’s an added bonus finding that you are truly loving it.


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