Creator ::The Itch::

Alright. My suspicions are now confirmed. It was all the university’s fault that my writing (not blog writing evidently) and reading have suffered (but mainly my writing). 

Now that I’ve quit school…

I’m already reading like crazy since I dropped out of school (best decision I’ve ever made I believe). So far since the end of January I’ve read four novels (all in about a month and half); Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, Venus in Furs(which I read in less than a day), and I’m almost half way through with A Million Little Pieces which is a 500+ paged deep(writing-wise) book (I’m sure I read another novel but I can’t remember it right at the moment). Though that’s not even close to the usual I had before I started university, it’s still way better than reading a single novel over a two month period.

But I’ve got nothing as cheery to say about my writing. Dark Desire hasn’t seen the light of day in over 8 months and that’s a conservative estimate. 

The thing is I really never got writer’s block for this story. I just couldn’t get myself to write during the time I was at the university. Even though I had tons of ideas and stuff I wanted to write, I would always find an excuse to do something else instead of write.  And before I knew it I found out I couldn’t write anything more for the novel (which is over 35,000 words) until I reread what I’ve already written. That’s sad because it shows how long it’s been since I’ve picked this up. 

Even though I write everything first before I type it up on my computer, I can no longer rely on the notebooks of mine because they are very early first drafts and my stories tend to take a life of their own and evolve and change when I type them up.  Even if the change is small it is still vital.

I, also, know for a fact that I’ve got so much more on the computer than I have in my notebooks.  So that means I have two choices. To print what I’ve written so far (and give my mom a heart attack) or I read it on the computer. Since it’s around 200 pages I don’t have the patience to read it on the computer. And I don’t have the heart to use all the new ink my mom just bought for the printer. And there you have it, before I knew it I had just come up with a huge excuse not to write.

But this time its different. I need to write. I want to write. I’m itching to write.

And so that’s why this excuse will not last very long. Soon (hopefully within the next week) I’ll have figured out a way to print the story (maybe at one of the printing places outside my ex-university or maybe I’ll put my friends to some use by getting them to let me use their IDs and passwords and print the story out using their paid for but unused 100 pages of printing allowed them each semester in campus computer labs- I know I rarely ever used them). 

Either way my fingers are begging me to write and that lame excuse won’t last long. I’m so excited to be writing again! 


4 Responses to “Creator ::The Itch::”

  1. aww…im the same way with my sketching, as soon as i quit taking art studio classes, i felt much better around my work, and suddenly had the courage (and time) to fool aroud in the margins of my notebooks…jordan…~x(

  2. *hugs* glad to hear you’re feeling better and want to write! Hopefully you figure out printing soon, but until then, any little ideas you can start getting out, either for poetry or nonfiction or other fiction? *can’t wait to have the chance to read K’s work again*

  3. Oooh, I just got Lady Friday! Haven’t actually read it yet, but my mum says it’s good (yeah, she reads them too^^).

    I didn’t realise you had so many pages of Dark Desire! I’m sure it was shorter the last time I saw it …

    It’s great that you have your itch back! Get those ideas written girl! 😀

  4. ahh i’m gonna have to wait a few months before i get lady friday cuz I’m not allowing myself to buy more books here (if i did i’d end up having to leave them here because I wouldn’t have any space in my lugage)

    well if my story was single spaced and whatnot it would be half that many pages but I have all my work set in the default of what publishers ask which from my last check was size 12 Font courier new and double spaced. so according to that its 200 one side pages. 🙂

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