Random ::March Madness Indeed::

And tomorrow’s weather forcast is…unkown. 

It seems the month of March is determined to stand out.  It refuses to comply with the laws of it being a month that is still part of winter since spring is right around the corner. Yet a part of it is still refusing to acknowledge that spring is indeed right around the corner.

Therefore,  the past two weeks that have been March, the weather has been playing a sort of tug-of-war.  Literally one day is freezing and the next you’re almost getting a tan from how hard the sun is hitting down on the country.

Last year it actually snowed for a day in March when it barely snowed all winter.  And today it just finished hailing. 

Two days ago, I would just need to walk down the hill from our house and I’d have already built up a sweat. And two days later, its freezing, raining, windy, and hailing of all things. Seriously March needs to grow up and stop being a teenager and decide what it’s going to be a part of. Because it just can’t be half with winter and half with spring and then jumble it all up so you have no idea what kind of weather you’ll have tomorrow.

What’s up with March? Is it the rebellious teenage month of the year? It sure seems so.


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5 Responses to “Random ::March Madness Indeed::”

  1. march has an identity crisis.

  2. it hit 95F out here a couple days ago and remains consistently warm. I wish it would hail!

  3. ha! it didn’t only hail…it snowed today! at least 3 inches so far. its been snowing since when i woke up at eight this morning til now and its after four…snowing on and off all day.

  4. […] ::The Madness Commences:: As the title shows, the March madness I had talked about in the previous post has yet to end.  And I have pictures to boot!  It actually snowed yesterday.  Almost all day; […]

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