Random ::The Madness Commences::

As the title shows, the March madness I had talked about in the previous post has yet to end.  And I have pictures to boot!  It actually snowed yesterday.  Almost all day; from the moment I woke up till it became dark outside. And in March of all months! Like seriously, we didn’t get any snow the whole winter and now it decides to snow.

So I will speak no more and show you instead of more rambling:

This picture was taken today from my mom’s bedroom window.

The kids played and walked all over the pretty snow!

I want doggy!

Right outside my room window.


More from my bedroom window.


5 Responses to “Random ::The Madness Commences::”

  1. That snow is nothing.. try living in Canada! 😀 but you have to enjoy the whiteness and loveliness of the snow! 😀

  2. it makes jordan almost look pretty. and yeah i know its nothing compaired to a few feet in other places but when you’re born and raised in California it is something. And this bit of snow takes some of jordan’s ugliness away and the air actually feels fresh for once. so it is a nice change.

  3. I hear that we’re going to get snow next week. I’m so excited! 😀

  4. That first shot is really picturesque. Well, not picturesque, since it is a picture, and not an -esque of a picture.

    El Nino is angry with the world…

  5. yeah it was all melted by the next morning. when it comes to jordan you can’t have too much of a good thing like ever.

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