Work It! ::Hip Hop::

Okay, so I was going off last post about how much I hated gyms in Jordan. Well my family finally found a half way decent one where a lot of the people who go to it are pretty serious and if they aren’t at least the instructors are and so you can easily ignore the idiots who’re there for the status and not for the health.

So I started going to the gym again about a month ago. I figured if I was no longer in the university, forced to walk a ton because of my spaced out classes, that I needed to go to they gym to keep up whatever strength I’ve accumulated from walking all over the university and walking to work from university.

So I started out going to the bodypump or weight training classes. Those are pretty cool because I don’t care too much for aerobics and I’ve never really heard of weight training classes in Jordan.  I’m really enjoying it.  I did a good bit of weight training before coming to Jordan and right after coming here but that was when we had our own set of weights and whatnot. Those are now in storage waiting to be sold I’m guessing. And so I kind of forgot how much I enjoyed weight training.  Now I can’t seem to get enough of it.

It also seems to be helping me with my stress. I never thought tutoring a bunch of first through eighth graders would be so draining. But when they are pretty spoilt, it’s pretty much a no brainer.  The gym really helps in relieving the stress and I rarely ever have those days where I dread getting out of bed because of the prospect of the super long day of tutoring ahead of me (though at first I had credited this no longer happening because I no longer had the stress of the university (full time studying) added to my tutoring but though that has helped in relieving the stress, the gym I believe has helped more).

But obviously when I find something I enjoy I find a road block. This one came in the form of cancelation; one of two classes I attended during the week (they were the only times that fit my schedule) was getting canceled because none of the instructors could teach it anymore because of it being late.  Now since when did 8:30-9:30pm become late?

Oh well but as the saying goes, ‘When a door closes(or slams shut in most cases) God opens you a window’ and this ‘window’ of types opened in the realization that another time might be incorporated into my schedule (what with a few alterations and shiftings of my tutoring times) and He even added a little more to that opened window by the gym introducing some hip hop class.

It seems that the first class will be given on Thursday. If it’s being taught by a decent instructor it should be fun. If it’s taught by an Arab instructor who ‘thinks’ she knows hip hop…then I think it might be the first and last time I go because I honestly believe that I can tell between good dancing and fake dancing; even though I’m not formally trained I just guess I can feel the music or something. *shrugs* but don’t take my word for it.

To be continued…


5 Responses to “Work It! ::Hip Hop::”

  1. Hip-hop classes sound like fun! It doesn’t really matter if the dancing is “good” or not- it’s not like people are going to approach you on the streets, ask to view your hip hop skills, and judge you by it.

  2. yeah but i don’t want to ‘learn’ hip hop off a teacher who doesn’t know how to dance it. that would defeat the point wouldn’t you agree?

  3. Well, it depends if you plan on using your skills at all, or if you’re just doing it for exercise.

    So anyway, you’ve had the class, I assume. How did it go?

  4. So what is the gym’s name and where is it? 🙂 I’m new to Amman and need a gym where the weirdo arab girls that look at you like they are about to eat you aren’t loitering on the workout machines… plus I need the stress release… Amman is making me a bit crazy.

  5. […] so I go to what should have been the third class for hip hop, the one I had talked about in my last post, and I find that though it’s on the schedual it had yet to start. I had dragged my friend to […]

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