Spammers’ Vacation

It seems as though the spammers took a vacation this last weekend and conveniently forgot that yesterday was a Monday ending up getting a three day vacation.  How do I know?  Well it’s kind of obvious.

I haven’t had one, not a single, spam comment since last Friday. That is besides the fact that the stats for my blog has plummeted this weekend as well to half the usual blog ‘visitors’ as before.  This all backs up my claim that the spammers have a Spam Day (conveniently placed right around St. Patrick’s Day so no one will be the wiser).  And this Spam Day extends over the whole weekend as well.

Does this show that the spammers have been doing good business to be able to afford a three day holiday? Hmmmmm.

Well it was short lived since just this morning I found 11 spam comments waiting patiently for me to delete them in the spambox. Everyone! The spammers are back!


3 Responses to “Spammers’ Vacation”

  1. Are you sure it was a day off for them or there might have been some sort of outage? That’s what I normally think of first.

  2. nah my outcome sounds more plausable. how can every spammer around have an outage? especially for three whole days? they were partying in the bahamas or something…rolling in cash. that must be it

  3. […] Well the three days of no spams are long gone and almost forgotten and sometimes even thought to be a mere figment of my […]

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