Voila ~Sen5es~

A friend and I stopped by Mecca Mall yesterday and tried out a new restaurant for a late lunch. We settled on going to Sen5es which had just opened. It’s a small Italian restaurant set right across from Hardees.  We almost didn’t go there but figured why not try it out. 

When we entered the burnt orange colored and wood decorated interior we were seated and waited upon promptly.  We quickly ordered Chicken Pasta and Ceaser Salad. The salad was instantly served and was really tasty.  Soon afterwards the Chicken Pasta was placed, steaming and looking really good, at our table.  We began eating and it was all heavenly.

Moments after we started eating, my friend found a hair in the food and before I even knew what was going on the waiter came and whisked the plate away appologizing.  I looked at my friend surprised and she quickly explained to me that he saw her pull out the hair from the dish.  The waiter returned and apologized one more time saying we would get another dish soon.

The service was prompt and friendly.  I was really impressed.  The food was excelent and the amount served was enough to fill me and my friend up to the point of almost being full. The dishes were served in clean sleak white plates and bowls. I wish I had the camera with me because the food looked so good and it tasted even better.

Now to those who like to know what you’re budget should be if you want to try this restaurant out, those two dishes and a small bottle of water were for 9JD. And we were so impressed with the service that we even tipped them (which we usually don’t since they usually have service fees but I didn’t see that included in the charges on the reciept).

So if you’re hungry and hanging out somewhere around Mecca Mall you should check this little restaurant out.


8 Responses to “Voila ~Sen5es~”

  1. Sounds Yummy!!! Meanys i wanna go to!!!!!!!

  2. hehehe.. you think it would be too much if we went there and got another meal and i “found” another hair in the food, and they got us another.. after we had mostly finished eating the first plate? naw… thats mean.. tho yeah that was good.. though we’d best bring our own water next time. that was terrible..

  3. Wow! It’s nice to know there are still places where customer service is more than just a watch word!

  4. I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the next time I come to Amman… How is their vegetarian selection?

  5. well they did have the same pasta dish we ordered but without chicken. we really didn’t check out everything they had because we knew we didn’t want any sandwiches or appitizers. But I think they’ve got a few selections that are meat and chickenless. And with the service they gave us (I mean they came once or twice just to make sure we were ok and the food was fine and everything) you could probebly ask them to make the meals without meat/chicken. if i go again i’ll check the menu out more fully and let you know :p

  6. I’ll definitely keep it in mind the next time I find myself in Jordan.

  7. I really did not find this place that hot! sorry… a no for me!

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